Insights from the Women of Silicon Roundabout 2023

Startups Magazine had the privilege of attending the Women of Silicon Roundabout (WoSR) event at the ExCel Centre, taking place on 22nd and 23rd November 2023, an event that has earned the title of ‘Best UK Conference’ at the AEO Excellence Awards 2023.

Since its inception in 2015, WoSR has evolved to become a shining light in the global gender diversity movement in tech. Here, we look at the myriad of reasons that make WoSR an unmissable event in the tech calendar.

The essence of the event

Spanning two action-packed days, WoSR is a rich tapestry woven of thought-provoking talks, engaging workshops, and dynamic stands – whilst it is a business conference, it is also a celebration of diversity and innovation, attracting a mix of women and male allies, all united by a shared passion for technology, learning, and growth.

Supported by the Whova app, attendees could personalise their agendas, arrange meetups, and discover enriching conversations that often extended beyond the confines of the event itself.

Key takeaways

Networking opportunities: the event was a networking haven, offering straightforward yet impactful opportunities to expand professional networks. Every interaction was designed to foster meaningful connections, breaking the traditional barriers of networking.

Inspirational insight: with over 250 speakers, the event was an intellectual feast, serving up a smorgasbord of advice and insights on the latest industry trends. Each speaker brought a unique perspective, igniting the audience with inspiration and equipping them with actionable knowledge.

Stages of innovation and learning

  • The Future Impact Stage stood out for its big thinking with discussions that transcended the ordinary, focusing on futuristic technology adoption and progressive ideas. This stage was not just about envisioning the future; it was about shaping it.
  • The Plan and Implement stages harmoniously complemented each other. While the Plan stage was a hotbed for new ideas in people, process, and technology, the Implement stage provided a practical toolkit for bringing these ideas to life. This duality offered a holistic approach to learning and application.

Exploring the exhibition stages

  • Finance and fintech: this area highlighted the UK's burgeoning fintech revolution, showcasing innovations in banking, payments, and lending.
  • Software: attendees delved into trends transforming software development, exploring cloud services, Web.3, containers, and AI.
  • Infotech: here, the focus was on the backbone of today's digital landscape, with insights into cloud computing, cybersecurity, data analytics, and AI-driven automation.

The new frontier

Motivational live keynotes: the event featured a lineup of globally renowned speakers, each offering a window into revolutionary concepts in business, workforce, and technology.

Expert-led workshops: There were over 60 workshops to provide attendees with hands-on experiences in both soft and technical skills. These sessions were not just about learning; they were about experiencing and applying knowledge in real-time.

A technology playground

More than a display of the latest technologies, the exhibition itself was a dynamic space for networking, business opportunities, and immersive experiences, offering attendees a 360-degree view of the tech world.

The Women of Silicon Roundabout 2023 event not only highlighted the critical role of inclusivity at every level within the tech industry, but it also underscored the value of human interactions and meaningful connections as catalysts for professional growth and achievement.