Inbeta launches to rethink recruitment practices and challenge corporate bias, underpinned by cutting-edge technology

Leading executives from retail, luxury, consumer and technology sectors rally behind business seeking to fix 'broken' recruitment system

Inbeta is the executive talent recruiter that leverages technology, social listening, data, and human science to build a better, fairer executive search practice. Inbeta have announced the success of its seed funding round, led by a host of former FTSE 100 executives. 

Harriet Hounsell, Chief People Officer of consumer businesses including Nomad Foods, McDonald's and Marks & Spencer; John Clarke, Chief Digital and Technology Officer of the Metropolitan Police and formerly CIO of Primark; Sean Gogarty, formerly Divisional CEO at Unilever; and Mark West, ex-CTO of JAB Luxury GmbH are among the shareholders of this game-changing business set to become the foremost inclusive talent partner for progressive organisations. 

After decades spent at the upper rungs of the corporate ladder, amassing an intimate understanding of senior talent acquisition, integration and development, the investors have recognised Inbeta's potential to create a better, more equitable recruitment process.

Inbeta uses a combination of technology and assessments designed to overcome unconscious and institutional bias within the hiring process. Enabled by cutting-edge technology and an advanced aggregation of data and human science, Inbeta surfaces, in real time, diverse, high-calibre talents with objective potential to perform in the role in question. This far outpaces industry best practice, which is often manual, desk-research-based and subjective - and significantly reduces implicit bias and unfairness. 

Inbeta couples its technology and intelligence with integrated coaching from a cadre of specialist executive coaches. Candidates undertake a tailored program that continues well beyond their start date and is designed to ensure their successful transition, integration and acceleration into the new organisation. To inform this process, Inbeta measures the cultural affinities and drivers of the candidate, the headhunter and the hiring manager to identify and address biases that may otherwise have gone unnoticed. This fosters cultural intelligence and different ways of thinking to further diversity and inclusion. The result is more sustainable, more effective and delivers more diverse, high-performing teams.

A failed leadership hire costs upwards of £500k. Taking into account the churn and opportunity cost that results, poor recruitment decisions expose organisations to a financial hole equating to millions. Inbeta's approach addresses this issue by ensuring the right talent for the role is found in the first place, and that they land well once in the organisation. 

Using independent, auditable data, Inbeta can enhance executives’ psychological safety within an organisation – thereby de-risking the recruitment process,  reinforcing ESG/Diversity & Inclusion commitments and protecting businesses' bottom line.

How will Inbeta use the funding?

The funding will accelerate Inbeta's growth and further its ability to use data to uncover and engage talents that are often overlooked. 

Inbeta will also further its investment in expert coaches who will design and deliver bespoke programmes, using Inbeta's intelligence to ensure that organisations and individuals thrive together. The company is driven by its strategy to compete on value by delivering better outcomes - financially, socially and culturally - for clients as they acquire and retain talent more ethically and efficiently.

James Nash, Founder of Inbeta, says"I'm thrilled to be taking Inbeta into the next stage of its growth, backed by leading minds in the world of business and professional development. We have a unique opportunity here to do that rare thing: make the world a better place while also creating a valuable business, both to our customers and to society at large. We've spent the last year assembling the technology and the team to ensure we get this right. 

I'm excited to welcome Harriet and Mark to our board of Directors, bringing their expertise, energy and drive to help us succeed in our mission. Having seen first-hand the detrimental effects of the bias, uncertainty, and short-termism rife within traditional hiring and talent management, we are all determined to build a new model that fights unfairness and inefficiency at scale. This is the first step on Inbeta's journey to helping people and businesses everywhere achieve their full potential."

Mark West, NED at Inbeta, comments "Inbeta is uniquely positioned to lead a change that will help finally move the needle for corporate diversity and inclusion. It's no secret that big business needs to up its game - not just from an ethical standpoint, but for the sake of its bottom line. Inbeta has truly understood the crux of the issue and brought together the tools and the team to solve it at its root. I'm thrilled to be working with James and his team to help build a better, fairer future for recruitment."

Harriet Hounsell, NED at Inbeta, said "I've been incredibly impressed by James' vision and passion for re-examining the way we identify, acquire and nurture talent. Having spent the majority of my career at the heart of the people agenda, I can see that Inbeta's objective, all-encompassing, long-term approach is a promising answer to building diverse, sustainable teams that can operate at their peak potential.

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For organisations in the war for talent, finding and developing leadership that can thrive is a defining issue. Unfortunately, businesses often fail in this respect, compounded by hiring processes that have not taken advantage of technology innovation and data analytics.

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