IMRO Teams Up with Audoo to Boost Public Performance Royalties in Ireland

IMRO, the Irish based, international performing rights organisation, has announced a partnership with Audoo, the music recognition technology company on a mission to revolutionise public performance royalty distribution.

Audoo’s unique Audio Meter, backed by the likes of Sir Elton John and ABBA’s Björn Ulvaeus, will be implemented as part of a trial programme in a selection of public spaces such as cafés, bars, restaurants, and retail locations across Ireland. This will help enhance existing reporting mechanisms used by IMRO to promote increasingly accurate and transparent breakdown of royalty distributions to music creators, by recognising background music being played and reporting the data back to IMRO.

The Audoo Audio Meter is designed to be GDPR-compliant and uses smart plug-in technology to securely track and report the music being played in quasi real-time. Audoo is a privacy first technology with no language processing on the device, meaning it focuses solely on capturing music data.

Audoo’s Audio Meters are being installed in a number of urban areas initially; plans are in place to expand the rollout of Audoo’s technology across Ireland in all business types.

The partnership highlights Audoo and IMRO’s joint vision to support and empower music creators. The initiative will also support IMRO in further refining the global benchmark for music royalties; improving distribution efficiency, for IMRO’s 25,000 global songwriters/composers and, music publisher members.

Sean Donegan, IMRO Chief Commercial Officer said: "We continuously invest in new technologies and services to ensure faster and more accurate royalty payments, providing the best service to our members.  This partnership with Audoo adds another layer to our advanced technological tools and music usage data, ensuring our distributions are as precise as they can be.  This initiative underscores our commitment to expand and maximise the collection and distribution of music royalties through innovation and the empowerment of music creators".

Ryan Edwards, Audoo founder and CEO, said: “Partnering with IMRO signifies a pivotal moment in the evolution of public performance royalties, offering benefits to creators, performers, rights holders, and licensees. It promises an enriched experience for customers by bringing the joy of music to public settings. Seeing the success of what our technology can do for other markets, we’re very excited to stand alongside global leaders such as IMRO and support the fair distribution of royalties for artists.”