impulse alumni continue to dazzle as applications open for 2024

Graduates of the University of Cambridge's highly acclaimed entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship programme, ‘impulse’, continue to excel as the enrolment period for the 2024 cohort opens.

The 12-week hybrid programme, primarily targeting early-stage founders, entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, researchers, and Postdocs in technology and life science fields, is scheduled to run from Tuesday 23 April to Friday 12 July 2024.

The Class of 2023 from impulse has already begun demonstrating their exceptional talent:

In the fashion industry, London-based Cyan Williams, co-founder and CTO of Radiant Matter, a sustainable textiles and bio-materials company, is making waves. Cyan aims to shift the fashion industry away from toxic, synthetic materials (like standard PVC sequins) by introducing sustainable colours and next-generation sparkle to haute couture. In April, supermodel Cara Delevingne was featured in a Vogue magazine cover shoot wearing a Stella McCartney jumpsuit adorned with Radiant Matter’s renewable polymer cellulose bio-iridescent sequins.

Williams commented: “impulse was a great programme with a strong focus on deep tech. Having access to a well-selected group of inspiring and helpful advisors and meeting so many great founders on similar journeys was incredible. The programme’s timing was perfect for Radiant Matter to meet investors before we opened our pre-seed round and gave us the confidence to enter this phase of our company with the right tools.”

Another notable alumnus from the impulse 2023 cohort is Andrew Kadis, Founder of Cambridge Vision Technology. His startup focuses on detecting early-stage Alzheimer’s Disease, a crucial step for the efficacy of emerging drugs. Cambridge Vision Technology’s solution involves a hardware device and integrated software platform, addressing the need for accurate, cost-effective, non-invasive mass screening biomarker technologies.

Kadis remarked: “When I first started the impulse programme back in March [2023], my venture was little more than a science-project. Eight months later, my startup has evolved into a finely-honed business venture with significant funding, a sound IP-strategy, and a clear route-to-market. These outcomes are a direct result of the extensive network I built during the impulse programme. I do not exaggerate when I say that impulse was a transformative experience for me, personally and for my company.”

Several multi-million pound companies, including Riverlane, Xampla, Vector Photonics, Siloton, Abselion, Tenyks, About:Energy, and Semarion, were founded and are managed by impulse alumni.

Impulse's reputation for nurturing sharp business acumen and fostering commercially viable innovations is unmatched. The programme's growing fame draws nearly half its participants (45%) from outside Cambridge.

A crucial factor in its widespread appeal is the top-tier mentoring scheme offered by impulse. This provides an exceptional learning environment and mentorship from renowned pioneers in Cambridge’s innovation cluster, such as Arm co-founder Jamie Urquhart, geneticist Prof Anne Ferguson-Smith, Cambridge Silicon Radio Ltd co-founder Phil O’Donovan, and physicist Prof Sir Richard Friend.

Yupar Myint, Head of impulse, stated: “Our statistics show that one in every two impulse participants will succeed in transforming their game-changing innovation into a commercial technology business. Our success rate is so high because we are a committed team passionate about helping the next generation of science and tech entrepreneurs succeed.”

The impulse programme operates from the Maxwell Centre, the University of Cambridge’s hub for industry and research on the West Cambridge Science and Technology Campus. Established in 2016, The Maxwell Centre is part of the prestigious Cavendish Laboratory and serves as a focal point for industrial partnership in the physical sciences and engineering.