iGrafx Partners with Wassching to Drive Process Excellence in the Netherlands

iGrafx, a provider of process intelligence and process management software, has announced its strategic partnership with Wassching, a consultancy firm from the Netherlands specialising in sustainable process excellence and Business Process Management.

This collaboration marks a significant step as Wassching incorporates iGrafx's innovative Process360 Live platform into its consultancy services. This integration underscores their commitment to aiding organisations in achieving operational excellence and effective digital transformation.

Stefan van der Wielen, Founder and Principal Consultant at Wassching, remarked: “Our partnership with iGrafx is a transformative step towards making process excellence a reality for all companies. By combining iGrafx's Process360 Live platform with our best practice approach to process engineering and business process management, we can help customers increase customer value and productivity, while simultaneously reduce both risk and cost.”

Wassching's expertise in creating sustainable, innovative solutions that align with strategic goals and support business process excellence is further enhanced by integrating iGrafx's Process360 Live. This addition enriches Wassching's service offerings, providing clients with a robust platform for process intelligence, predictive analytics, and simulation.

Phil Underhill, Senior Alliance Director EMEA at iGrafx, said: “We are excited about Wassching's decision to embed iGrafx's Process360 Live into their consultancy services. This partnership reflects our shared commitment to delivering transformative experiences for organizations seeking to continuously optimize their processes.”