The Hustle Awards: Most Innovative Tech

The Hustle Awards are back for 2024, and Startups Magazine is here to help you through the entry process!

The Hustle Awards are the networking event of the year – and are also the unrivalled badge of excellence and the benchmark for all startup businesses to aspire to.

Our mission is to:

  • Recognise the outstanding achievements of individuals, companies, and innovation
  • Raise standards across the sector, with a particular focus on diversity, inclusion, and sustainability
  • Inspire and celebrate the creative and entrepreneurial journey
  • Deliver a rigorous and transparent judging process with a panel of business leaders

So, with that in mind, we are here to help you decide on the best category for you. Next up: Most Innovative Tech!

As a leading tech-based publication, our mission is to showcase the remarkable journey of technology products and solutions that have significantly evolved over the past year. This dedication to innovation is not just about acknowledging the advancements that have been made, but also about understanding the impact these technologies have made in shaping the future of various industries. The Most Innovative Tech category aims to spotlight the exceptional and innovative products currently making waves in the technology scene.

This award category seeks to recognise and celebrate the outstanding achievements of companies and individuals who have pushed the boundaries of innovation, demonstrating exceptional creativity, and utility in their offerings. We are looking for products that not only exhibit technical excellence but also embody the potential to disrupt the market, offering new solutions to old problems or entirely novel experiences to users.

Who is eligible for this award?

This category is reserved for startups with a tech solution or hardware product that is truly innovative. We encourage businesses and inventors of a new product or technology that has been making waves in the scene between February 2022 and April 2023.

The judges want to know all about the innovative technology that you have brought to market, and why it is unique and groundbreaking.

Tell us why you should win

This is your chance to shout about how innovative your tech offering is. Outline why you’re entering this category in particular, and convince the judges that your entry should be shortlisted.

The judges need to see evidence of your claims, so in your entry, show evidence of what you have achieved with the technology. What makes this technology different and stand out from the crowd? What is new and innovative about it? Who are your competitors? How big is your team, or are you currently an individual working on this product?

Most importantly: how does this product or innovation deliver real benefits to customers?

Testimonials to back up your claims should be obtained from clients, partners, and industry figures, rather than employees of the organisation.

Supporting materials are highly recommended to help the judges make their decision. However, do be mindful of what supporting materials are used, as it’s limited to up to three images and one video link per entry.

Good luck!

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