The Hustle Awards: Founder of the year

The Hustle Awards are back for 2024, and Startups Magazine is here to help you through the entry process.

The Hustle Awards are the networking event of the year – and are also the unrivalled badge of excellence and the benchmark for all startup businesses to aspire to.

Our mission is to:

  • Recognise the outstanding achievements of individuals, companies, and innovation
  • Raise standards across the sector, with a particular focus on diversity, inclusion, and sustainability
  • Inspire and celebrate the creative and entrepreneurial journey
  • Deliver a rigorous and transparent judging process with a panel of business leaders

So, with that in mind, we are here to help you decide on the best category for you. First up: Founder of the year!

If you have started a business alone, or with a co-founder, this award category is to recognise you and the hard work you have put into your business. We know that as a founder, so much can be thrown at you when starting. With this category, we want to celebrate one of the hardest-working founders who has really achieved something despite the hurdles.

The Founder of the year category at the Hustle Awards recognises outstanding entrepreneurs who have demonstrated exceptional leadership, innovation, and impact within their respective industries. This accolade is designed to spotlight individuals who have not only excelled in navigating their businesses through challenges but have also achieved significant milestones in growth, innovation, and contribution to their industry or community.

Who is eligible for the award?

A person who has founded, or co-founded, a company at any time, and has demonstrated innovation, leadership, and creativity. If you have previously entered this category, you will need to demonstrate significant changes, growth, or improvements since your last entry.

Tell us why you should win

This isn’t the time to be humble about your achievements, and there is no room to let imposter syndrome rear its head, you need to shout about yourself and tell us why YOU should win this award.

When entering, outline why you are entering this award, and convince the judges that your entry should be considered. How have you innovated and differentiated yourself from the competition? What impact have you made in the industry?

Evidence of achievement

Okay, while it’s great to shout about your achievements, the judges do need to see evidence of your claims. As a founder, what has been achieved with the business? Please provide evidence of growth through numbers and statistics.

Examples of business success or technological innovation should be stated clearly in the entry form. How are you delivering real benefits to customers?

Testimonials to back up your claims should be obtained from clients, partners, and industry figures, rather than employees of the organisation.

Supporting materials are highly recommended to help the judges make their decision. However, do be mindful of what supporting materials are used, as it’s limited to up to three images and one video link per entry.

Good luck!