How to Start and Grow a Business Internationally

If your business is doing well in the local market it is normal for the entrepreneur to think of expanding the business internationally to attract new prospects. You will find many advantages of taking your business forward internationally including newer opportunities in the sales and growth sectors and there are more opportunities to make your business more competitive in your niche market.

But, keep in mind that the expansion of business in other countries does not just happen overnight. There are significant risks and challenges involved in the process many times. Here are some factors you must keep in mind about navigating the change.

Employ a company for market research

One of the initial steps while considering the various markets you can expand to, you will need to hire the services of experienced and reputed market research companies. Just because international marketing is doing well, doesn’t mean that the new market is the right place for your business to grow. By using a market research company you will be able to determine if your company will be received well in the specific market. It will also bring the fact to light if there is a market for your product at all.

The company will also be useful for determining how your brand can work in the new culture in addition to telling about the needs of the new market and existing competition. A lot of business owners find this research difficult to perform and end up overlooking it. Therefore, it is a good idea to look for professionals for this.

Develop influencer relationships in these foreign markets

Find out the influencers in the international market you are targeting and try to create relationships with them before beginning the expansion process. Don’t hold back while getting in touch with the influencers. Look around for them and make sure that you have looked everywhere. Make sure that you have built your network in the market.

You can then use it for the development of your ideas and receive ideas from it. If your relationship with these connections grows you can think of them as possible partners for the expansion. They can also serve as mentors for your business internationally. These relationships are key for your eventual entry into the market.

Assess your economic situation

For your business to be successful internationally you will need long-term economic plans. If you are not carrying sufficient capital required for the initial investment needed you can find out the places where you can get the money.

Keep in mind that international expansion does not guarantee that you will get profits immediately. You need to be patient and be ready for the long haul.

Get employees

If you are looking to expand your business internationally you will need to add new employees on board. You might also be required to train the existing employees if you need them for the assignment. While employing the new and the existing employees you can ask about their ideas for client acquisition, marketing, communication, and other things.

Keep in mind that these people are the backbone of your organization and they are largely responsible for the success of your company. Keeping them in the loop will go a long way toward the international success of your business. For expanding your business in England you can use a PEO in UK.

Keep in mind the cultural challenges and language barriers

There are several obstacles involved in entering an international market and the cultural difference is one of the biggest ones. You may not only need to adjust your marketing strategy, but the branding may need a change to appeal to the clients in this new region. If you are going to open an office in the area you will have to take into account the existing office culture.

For instance, the work to life balance in some countries is significantly different from England and America. Many times the personal and professional lives cross paths in these countries. But in some other areas, they are strictly kept separate.


Keep in mind that these are just some of the steps involved in the expansion of your business internationally. If you approach the expansion process with all the right boxes checked you are more likely to be successful in the long run.