How to run a business from home

Spearheading operations from home has been the norm for many business owners as of late. Initially, it might have seemed like an impossible challenge. Without your staff around you, communication is slowed down, productivity lessens and everything is altogether more difficult. Yes, we’ve all learned how to adapt our approach over the course of numerous lockdowns but that doesn’t mean it has been easy.

In an attempt to outfit you with the tools and knowledge you need to competently run your business from your living room, we’ve put together this list of helpful tips and strategies you can deploy.

Permission from landlord

If you’re currently renting, you’ll need to seek permission from your landlord to run a business out of their property. Anything that might potentially cause damage to the property, any undue noise that might disturb any of their neighbours will definitely require the approval of your landlord. You need express written permission from them to ensure you aren’t in breach of your tenancy agreement.

Again, if you’re running an online business that won’t create any influx of foot traffic or undue noise, you should be fine.


You need to carefully seek out the tax codes that are applicable to your company. If you’re running a business from home, you might be able to claim back money on items that you’ve bought for your business. Ordinarily, anything purchased on behalf of your business will be exempt from taxation. These are called allowable expenses.

Business licences

Different industries have different regulations. So, if you’re running a child-minding business for example, you’ll need to get the relevant licence. Pet-sitting and anything involving food are the same. You might need to reach out to your local council to get the relevant certification.

Business insurance

It is important to state that different businesses have different requirements. To run an online business, you might not need anything more than a laptop and a telephone. For a hairdresser – that serves clients at home – and has a raft of specialised equipment – you might need to fork out more money to insure not only your equipment but your customers too. You need to purchase occupation specific business insurance. This might include public liability insurance.

IT equipment

To create a well-run business from the comfort of home, you need equipment that will allow you to do your job. This includes a robust and reliable internet connection. How can you expect clients to sign up for your online business if every time you try to chat with them your efforts are interrupted by a sub-standard internet connection? Having a modern laptop with plenty of memory and processing power will allow you to get through your tasks for the day quickly and easily.


Installing the right software will allow you to communicate with your staff painlessly. Slack, an instant messaging service can keep you in touch with everyone throughout the day. Similarly, video calling services like Zoom and Google Hangouts allow you to get some face to face interaction with colleagues if needed.

These are just a few of many different things you need to think about if you’re going to work from home.