How to Improve Your Home Office for Maximum Productivity

Home working is an increasingly popular option for workers in the UK. An initial spike in uptake of remote working occurred as the coronavirus pandemic forced businesses to adopt remote working technology; however today, many workers still prefer a full or partial home-working agreement over working from an office full time.

But there are concerns regarding the relative productivity of workers at home as opposed to the office. While the numbers suggest that home workers are largely more productive, it is true that office environments are more purposefully designed for productive working. What can you do as a home worker to improve your home office space for productivity?


Many home offices are hastily arranged spaces, born of necessity as the emerging coronavirus pandemic precluded workers from commuting to the office. Whether commandeering a portion of living space or getting placed in a spare- or box room, many find themselves contending with clutter when creating their working environment.

Even as the coronavirus restrictions recede further into memory, these impromptu working spaces receive little in the way of attention. But taking a more direct approach to your space can have a real impact on its place in your home, and your professional output.

For starters, spending an afternoon judiciously removing unwanted clutter can create valuable space – reducing the noise in your peripheral vision and allowing you the opportunity to focus more. You can even take the opportunity to install some fitted furnishings for storage of stationery and other work equipment; this way, your desk is freed from clutter, and you gain a cleaner environment in which to work.

Upgrade Your Office Chair

Ergonomics is a key element of any working environment, and one to which home workers give relatively little thought. Offices are designed with ergonomics as a key central concern, for both comfort and health and safety purposes; remote workers, meanwhile, tend to concern themselves more with space and practical utility.

But ergonomics can have a profound impact on one’s productivity, in a number of different ways. For one, the wrong kind of office chair can inspire poor posture and cause pain as a result. A poorly sized chair can increase the risk of repetitive strain injury from using a keyboard and mouse, slowing your working speed. A combination of the above can cause distraction and distress.

As such, investment in a good office chair can ensure your back and arms get the support they need, and that you are at the correct height for working at your desk. The increased comfort will ensure you do not get too restless and enable you to focus on your work all the more.

Lighting and Décor

Your wider working environment can also have a profound impact on your motivation and productivity. Rather than making do with the existing décor of your box room or desk area, there are some simple interventions you can make to elevate your working space and make life easier.

For one, the right lighting can set the mood and make work easier for you. Cosy ambient lighting can make the space comfortable, and spot lighting for your desk ensures your work is always well-illuminated. Your space can also be improved with the introduction of plant life; house plants can brighten a space, as well as inspire a sense of calm.