How Healthcare Translations Affect Marketing

Specialised translation of medical texts contributes to the promotion of goods and services of the corresponding direction in the foreign market. It is just as important as the original text. Because, in case of an error, it can nullify all the efforts of the advertiser, which will radically affect the entire subsequent marketing campaign

Things to Consider in the Healthcare Translations Process

A professional translator, when translating a medical text, must take into account:

  • Contents. The text for the general consumer almost always contains national cultural, and historical elements. Information that people of one cultural society subconsciously read seems utterly alien to others. A successful translation must match the culture of the community.
  • Sending material. The message of the material must be convincing and motivating. For the marketing text to be perceived by the consumer positively, the translator must be able to find the right words about the product itself and take into account the information that is known about its supplier. For example, well-known brands use completely different arguments in their advertising materials.
  • Marketing channels. The translator should consider how the consumer will perceive the text by ear, in the form of a creeping line, in printed or another form. The detailed text in the brochure and the short slogan on social networks require phrases completely different incapacity.
  • Personal data. When creating content for a foreign audience, you need to consider the legislation of these countries in the field of personal data protection in medicine, especially when it comes to social networks or online newsletters.
  • Market research. A study of the target market should precede the text. The content of the material and its adaptation to a specific country largely depend on its result.

Tip for Adapting Medical Marketing Texts

Adapting a text in a foreign language is a creative process. As a result, you get material that is entirely different from the original. At the same time, it will fully meet the set marketing objectives. Not only the texts are subject to adaptation, but also the names of products and brands. For example, an advertising slogan in a foreign language should sound harmonious and evoke positive reactions from the consumer.

The Difficulties of Audiovisual Translation of Medical Texts

Audiovisual translation includes dubbing, subtitling, voiceover. Each of the methods sets its specific tasks for the translator. When overlaying subtitles, the translator is limited by the number of characters and the length of phrases. In addition, the subtitle text must be anchored to the image frames. When dubbing, the selection of the voice is critical, or rather the voice timbre, age, and temperament. The interpreter's speech must be consistent with the articulation and facial expressions of the actor. Voiceover is more manageable and more accessible to dub. According to some experts, superimposing a translation over the original sound resembles simultaneous translation.

Who should be entrusted with the translation of medical texts?

A translator of marketing medical texts must perfectly know the native and target language, understand the target audience's mentality and have transcription skills. That is, the clear choice must be made in favour of human translation services:

  • Translation agency. Professional medical translation agencies can select the right specialist for very narrowly specialised medical material and perform high-quality translation into any language. For each project, the bureau appoints an executor who has the necessary work skills. Depending on the type of text, the linguist works together with layout designers, sound engineers, marketers, and as a result, produces material that is fully adapted to the target audience.
  • Freelancers. The cost of working as a freelancer will be lower than in a bureau, but the result may be unpredictable. In addition, you may additionally require the services of a layout designer and an expert in site localisation. And the task of finding a freelancer for high-quality dubbing of a video may turn out to be completely insoluble.
  • Online services. The most inappropriate option. The work of the machine allows you to understand the text in general terms. Still, it does not consider either the target audience, the cultural characteristics of the country, or the laws of marketing.

If you want to get a high-quality marketing medical translation, then the best option for doing it would be a translation agency and human translation services. On large projects, the translators of the bureau work in teams with marketers, IT specialists, and editors. This makes it possible to guarantee a good result.