How ‘doing the opposite’ could make you a millionaire

The reason I decided to write my book ‘Doing the Opposite’ was because I realised something quite extraordinary through my life experiences. I questioned why my latest business, Cloudfm Group had been so successful and grown from £1m to £70m in just four years.

Most entrepreneurs do the same thing and focus on the money, the profit, the EBITDA. They will find a niche element of a market, or create a new market, but typically, they will chase the cash. As an entrepreneur, there is nothing wrong with this approach, but I wanted to do something different. Here are a few of the ‘unconventional’ things I applied which helped build my success:

Challenged the market and the environment

Rather than going for the easy route, I had this overwhelming desire to fix a £200bn Industry that most people within it agreed was broken. The Facilities Management Industry is full of great people with great experience. However, the environment within which they work forces bad behaviour. The market has applied aggressive procurement strategies for the last 40 years, and the industry has reluctantly agreed to accept work they simply cannot deliver and make a profit to survive.

Didn't put money first

Firstly, using the true power of purpose and decent human values, I would now strive for a ‘win win’ outcome on any deal I did. The focus was on ‘how do I help solve the problem the client is suffering?’ I would make this my number one driver without worrying about the money.

I didn’t care about the money or the profit. I cared about the customer and their challenges, more than myself or my business. During the journey with them, I would help them realise that it was important to achieve a ‘win win’ outcome and a sustainable future for both parties.

Before I knew it, by demonstrating that we cared more about the client than ourselves, the client began to worry about us. Next thing I knew, we were trusted, and this is very difficult to achieve when most businesses openly admit that all they care about is their own situation.

Created genuine authentic relationships

The moment you say ‘what about me’ creates concern with your client, even if it’s their subconscious that’s operating.

But when they feel like you are genuine and authentic in putting them first, they begin to put you first. It seems natural and obvious, yet we are all worried about it. We base our lives on the things that may go wrong, and not on the things that go right.

If you look at the basics of life. For example, if you are a parent, why does your son or daughter trust you?  Because they know that you will take a bullet for them. They know that you will put them before you. Therefore, their natural reaction is to look after you. They won’t hear a bad word said about you. They become your protector.

So, I decided that I would treat my clients in the same way. After all, why would a human behave differently in a work environment to a family environment?

Became open and vulnerable

This approach has changed the way my colleagues and I feel about business. We authentically look after our customers and their challenges, and the first thing they ask is, ‘What can we do for you?’

However, there is one final ingredient required to create this outcome and the associated success, and that is true vulnerability. When people relate to you and see that you are just as vulnerable as they are, the human spirit will always jump in to help someone in need.

So, in summary, put your clients and your colleague’s welfare and happiness before your own, and they will look after you. Show your true authentic vulnerability, they will protect you. This creates a sustainable and profitable world, but you never once chased the profit.

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