Hive Five: Top Startups to Buzz About This World Bee Day

On World Bee Day, more attention is being drawn to the urgent need to protect these vital pollinators. Amid growing concerns over declining bee populations, a new wave of innovative startups is emerging, dedicated to supporting and revitalising bee health.

These bee-centred startups are leveraging cutting-edge technologies, from artificial intelligence to advanced monitoring systems, to enhance hive health, boost productivity, and promote sustainable agricultural practices.

On this World Bee Day, let’s create some buzz around some bee centred startups!

Founded in Karlsruhe, Germany, in 2018, combines expertise in software and hardware development in the field of image processing. It uses this expertise scientifically to analyse the behaviour of bees and bumblebees. is a startup that leverages artificial intelligence and computer vision technology to analyse farmers' crops in real-time. It provides detailed insights into how farming practices affect local bee and pollinator populations. This data allows farmers to evaluate the impact of practices such as pesticide use on bee colony health. By using hard data rather than best guesses, farmers can make more informed decisions that support pollinator wellbeing.


ApisProtect is working on revolutionising beekeeping by working with beekeepers around the world to develop innovative technology to remotely monitor honeybees. Founded in 2017 by Dr Fiona Edwards Murphy, the company leverages Internet of Things (IoT) technology and data analytics to provide beekeepers with real-time insights into their hives.

ApisProtect helps save bees by providing honey farmers with a network of in-hive sensors that have been designed to monitor the colony’s health. By providing timely and detailed insights on various key data points regarding bee colony health and productivity, the company helps honey farmers prevent losses and improve the productivity of their hives.


Beewise utilises technology to revolutionise beekeeping. Integrating computer vision, AI, robotics, and climate and pest control systems, it offers beekeepers a comprehensive solution for hive management.

BeeHome, more than just a hive, is a full apiary housing that accommodates up to ten colonies of bees. Each hive is equipped with AI-driven sensors that detect infestations and monitor hive activity. The system autonomously provides food, water, and pest treatment, adjusting temperature and humidity as needed.


BeeHero, founded by a diverse team of seasoned beekeepers, entrepreneurs, biologists, and data scientists, aims to create a win-win situation for farmers, beekeepers, and the environment. With 70% of global crops relying on bees, its innovative platform and sensors address the issue of declining bee populations and colony collapse disorder.

BeeHero’s technology streamlines setup and operation for beekeepers, while also boosting crop yield and quality. Its mission is to increase pollinator health while supporting food production for a rapidly growing global population.


MeliBio has developed two proprietary approaches to create its honey. The startup’s first approach leverages plant and food science to develop a plant-based honey that offers the same taste and performance as traditional honey. The second approach utilises microbial fermentation technology to produce honey that is molecularly identical to the real thing.

These methods produce honey without bees provide several key benefits, including a stable supply chain, reduced cost volatility, and increased predictability in the honey industry. By harnessing the power of science and innovation, we've created a more sustainable and scalable solution for honey production without harming native bee species.