HD Hyundai to Keynote CES 2024

The Consumer Technology Association (CTA) announced that HD Hyundai, the world’s largest shipbuilder, will keynote at CES 2024 to share tech-first strategies which employ technology for building a more sustainable future. HD Hyundai, a global company also known for specialised construction equipment and energy solutions, further excels in developing eco-friendly infrastructure technology, as well as retrofitting carriers and shipyards.

The company has set out to revolutionize the construction industry, shifting focus from individual machines running on fossil fuel to AI and data-based, site-level system solutions powered by sustainable energy sources. Because of its future-forward and groundbreaking innovations in its sector, HD Hyundai is a valued contributor to global sustainability initiatives and an important addition to the CES 2024 keynote lineup.  

“Improving the productivity and sustainability of the construction industry is key to tackling many, if not all the human security challenges of our civilisation,” said Kisun Chung, president and CEO of HD Hyundai. “CES and the world will see our vision for digital twin and smart construction solutions systems. It is about changing the way we build so that we can change our future.” 

Infrastructure is a serious source of concern worldwide, too often beset by environmental issues that aren’t easily resolved due to labor shortages and costs, among other factors. For these reasons, HD Hyundai believes infrastructure is central to a comprehensive transformation in the interest of a cleaner planet. 

As a future builder, HD Hyundai understands the importance of infrastructure, which is critical to reaching the UN Sustainable Development Goals. To achieve meaningful advances, HD Hyundai is helping to lead the transition to renewable energy and smarter infrastructure. The company plans to demonstrate more fully what these efforts and initiatives will look like at CES 2024. 

For more than 50 years across land, sea, and air, HD Hyundai has led infrastructure projects all over the world, and even in the remotest parts of the planet. During CES 2023 Media Days, Chung announced the company’s Ocean Transformation, a fundamental reframing of the company's perspective on, and approach to, ocean utilization with a focus on sustainability. CES 2024 will see the company draw on its diverse business and tech portfolio to accelerate digitalisation and decarbonisation. 

“Solving the world’s most pressing challenges requires bold leadership; Kisun and HD Hyundai deliver a refined vision each year at CES,” said Gary Shapiro, president and CEO, CTA. “An ALL ON CES 2024 will see the company demonstrate intelligent systems and autonomous machines. Attendees will be first to view new digital twin solutions and smart remote control in virtual reality, plus self-sustaining energy systems for stable and sustainable operation even in the remotest sites.”  

HD Hyundai joins already announced keynotes including L’Oréal, Walmart, Nasdaq, Siemens, and Elevance. The CES featured speakers page will be updated as additional speakers are announced.