Harnessing the true potential of online meetings

During 2020 virtual collaboration accelerated exponentially, creating an instant need for virtual facilitation skills. But as more and more companies move towards online and virtual meetings, the opportunities and challenges associated with remote sessions have been thrown into sharp relief. 

People and organisations that have started on this journey do not always have the experience and competencies to use the medium for effective and energetic collaboration, and forward-thinking executives and managers everywhere have realised that future-proofing their organisations requires a renewed invigoration of remote meeting places.

New book, Virtual Facilitation: Create More Engagement and Impact is packed full of tips, insights and real case studies as authors Henrik Horn Andersen, Iben Nelson and Kåre Ronex provide an insightful, practical, and comprehensive examination of how to create successful virtual meetings, training sessions and workshops.

The authors also advise how to establish productive and engaging meeting cultures at your organisation and how to take full advantage of the virtual spaces you and your teams inhabit, as well as how to avoid the frequently encountered trap of lost momentum, falling engagement, and flagging business energy; all of which are consequences of improperly facilitated virtual sessions.

Perfect for managers and leaders at companies that rely on virtual meetings to move their work forward, Virtual Facilitation also belongs on the bookshelves of employees and executives who want to learn how to get more out of their online sessions.