Greenspark launches their Customer Impact Wallet

Greenspark, a sustainable impact platform revolutionising the way businesses take environmental action, today launches its Customer Impact Wallet. This new and unique feature allows businesses to engage their customers in tangible climate action directly related to the purchases they make online. Through a personalised impact feed, customers can discover the story behind the projects their purchase has supported, see the environmental and social benefits, and gain deeper insight into what it means for the planet.

Greenspark allows companies to take action on environmental and social issues around the world by providing them with planet-positive online tools that fit seamlessly into their tech stack. At a time when consumer and employee demand for action on climate change and global welfare is at an all-time high, Greenspark is giving businesses and consumers the tools they need to be a part of the solution.

“At Greenspark we’re on a mission to tackle some of the greatest issues facing our planet right now, like climate change, deforestation, and plastic pollution. We believe that collectively we have the power to tackle these major threats head-on. We’re bringing a whole new approach to tackling world issues through tools that are not simply altruistic, they make business sense,” said Lenny Leemann, co-Founder and CEO. “By proving the economic value of sustainability we truly believe we can make a huge
the difference in the world.”

Through direct integrations with platforms such as e-commerce solutions, payment providers, and marketing suites, businesses are able to create tangible and engaging climate action such as planting trees, preventing ocean-bound plastic, and offsetting carbon emissions on behalf of their audience. Which, with their new Customer Impact Wallet, can be stored, shared, and celebrated.

With their Customer Impact Wallet, consumers can now track, grow and share their environmental action in a digital feed while receiving content tailored to their sustainable interests. Much like a social media platform designed for eco-minded individuals, the Greenspark Customer Impact Wallet is a dedicated online hub for consumers who are passionate about sustainability and making a positive impact on the planet.

“We started Greenspark to help brands tell their sustainability story and this is exactly what the Impact Wallet achieves, by helping customers track their impact whilst also learning about a brand's mission.” - , CEO & Co-Founder Lenny Leemann of Greenspark.

Consumers are given access to their wallets after they’ve ordered from a store, signed up for a newsletter, or left a review with a company within the Greenspark network. The feature is completely free to use for Consumers and Greenspark hopes it will inspire further environmental action and facilitate a more sustainable future for all.

For the business owner, utilising the new Impact Wallet gives them an entirely new and dynamic touchpoint for their customer base to engage them in their climate action mission as well as increase repeat visitors and purchases.

“Creating additional touchpoints with customers is vital and being able to connect with them through your company's impact mission will foster a much deeper relationship long-term.” Lenny Leemann, CEO & Co-Founder of Greenspark.

Having funded the planting of nearly half a million trees and prevented over six hundred thousand plastic bottles from entering the ocean, Greenspark has become an integral part of a business sustainability strategy for many companies. Now, they’re expanding their reach and making sustainable, environmental impact accessible to consumers, no matter where they are on their journey to a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

Plus, this July, to support the #PlasticFreeJuly movement and encourage more sustainable alternatives to single-use plastic, Greenspark is aiming to rescue 100,000 bottles worth of ocean-bound plastic. As part of that, they’re salvaging 200 additional bottles on behalf of all new sign-ups over the month.