Grant propels Flux Aviation towards carbon zero flights

Flux Aviation has recently received a boost in its efforts to reduce carbon emissions in the UK's regional and domestic flights.

This advancement comes with the support of a £10,000 Under 30s grant from Get It Made, a manufacturing specialist based in London. The funding has facilitated the accelerated development of the company's 75kW battery electric powertrain system.

The company, which began in August 2021, was founded by Neofytos Dimitriou and Radovan Gallo, who both studied engineering at Southampton University. After securing a new investment, Flux Aviation is expanding and has relocated to a new facility at Space Business Centre Warwick. The company was recognised as Midlands’ Innovative Startup of the Year at the 2023 StartUp Awards.

Flux Aviation's electric powertrain system, designed to replace existing combustion engines, aims to provide quiet, clean, and affordable flights. Combustion engines, known for their noise, pollution, and high operational costs, are increasingly seen as unsustainable for general aviation. Flux Aviation offers a sustainable and cost-effective alternative amidst the aviation industry's push towards sustainability and rising operational costs.

Gallo elaborates on their strategy: "From 2-seat trainer aircraft to 50-seat regional airliners, we are assisting aircraft manufacturers in reducing carbon emissions in their passenger and cargo fleets. Our compatibility with various existing aircraft types enables us to cater to the current market without designing new airframes. We are initially focusing on electrifying the training aircraft market, which includes 2-seat and 4-seat light aircraft used in flight schools. This initial market will help us validate our technology and establish relationships with regulators.”

As Flux Aviation progresses to flight testing of its prototype motors and batteries, it is engaged in a hardware-intensive and research-driven development program. Gallo credits the support from Get It Made with enabling quicker development and testing of new prototypes, leading to novel designs and enhanced performance through access to new capabilities and manufacturing techniques.

Luke Smoothy, Director, and Founder of Get It Made, expressed his enthusiasm about supporting Flux Aviation, highlighting their technical expertise and innovative ideas aimed at making the aviation industry greener and more cost-effective.

Gallo views their technology as offering multiple benefits: “Our technology has the potential to reduce aircraft operating costs by over 30%, halve perceived noise levels, and eliminate greenhouse gas emissions at the point of use. Our powertrain systems are designed as direct replacements for popular combustion engines, offering an integrated and optimised solution for customers. We aim to scale our technology to reduce emissions in all regional and domestic flights, which account for a significant portion of aviation emissions. We believe this innovation will revitalise the general aviation industry, making it quieter, cleaner, and more affordable.”