Google brings its medical LLM to support people during pregnancy, maternity, and beyond, an AI-powered maternity care solution for pregnancy, birth, and postpartum, has partnered up with Google to become one of the first non-medical health solutions to use Med-PaLM 2 (medical language model) for safe communication on pregnancy wellbeing and parenthood topics with the chatbot.

With the medically tuned LLM from the tech giant, which was the first AI system to pass The United States Medical Licensing Examination with an 85.4% score, Soula intends to offer the market the most accurate and secure support and education solution in the field of pregnancy and maternity.

In addition to providing access to its Med-PaLM 2 LLM, Google Cloud awarded Soula $350,000 worth of credits to finetune the chatbot and give access to new technological opportunities.                                                             

Powered by Med-PaLM 2, Soula showcases a new range of chatbot abilities in the field of mental health, providing relevant factual replies, up-to-date statistics, and addressing emotional issues with care. With the assistance of the medical LLM, Soula tailors personalised responses that prioritise the user’s well-being, ensuring they are devoid of any potential harm or crucial omissions before being presented on the user's screen.

Soula provides support to women on pregnancy and maternity matters and offers vital information regarding various health-related concerns. It assists in tracking foetal movement and kick frequency, and addresses lifestyle inquiries regarding nutrition, sleep, physical activity, and emotional self-care. Moreover, Soula readily provides factual responses to queries about the locations of nearby medical centres based on the user's location. Following childbirth, Soula continues to be a trusted companion, offering guidance on breastfeeding, postpartum physical recovery, techniques to soothe the baby, and ethical approaches to addressing postpartum depression.

“Through Med-PaLM 2 and finetune by parenthood educators and certified doulas expertise, Soula aims to revolutionise AI-powered support for women before, during pregnancy, and postpartum, ensuring ethic and empathetic communication on sensitive matters and providing emotional comfort without compromising their physical health,” said Natallia Miranchuk, CEO and Founder of Soula. “The fact that Google has shown trust in Soula and its mission means that we are doing the right thing.”

The US pregnancy-related death rate is on the rise, with the leading cause of deaths being mental health problems. By providing pregnant women in a vulnerable state with emotional and educational support and informing them about the health norms, one of five death cases can be prevented.

While human experts are quite expensive and not readily available at all hours of the day, AI provides a valuable complement to them by effectively addressing the concerns of pregnant women around the clock, ensuring continuous care and support.

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