The Good Level: The Best On Every Level

Launching this month, British brand The Good Level offers high quality, full spectrum CBD oils, balms and jellies all made with UK-grown hemp. Born of the founders’ frustration in trying to find consistently high-quality CBD products for themselves, The Good Level’s range of cold-pressed CBD products offer a natural choice to support daily mental and physical wellbeing.  

The Good Level Co-Founder, Joe Dobbs, explained: “After years of recurrent pain in my left knee following injuries from football and skiing, I simply didn’t want over-the-counter painkillers and I was really looking for a natural alternative. I did my own extensive research and found that CBD could be the natural alternative that I was looking for. I ordered my first small bottle and didn’t look back. For me, CBD is an integral part of my wellbeing; an essential for recovery from an active lifestyle.” 

The Good Level’s Co-Founder, Jonny Alberto, added: “After seeing first-hand how these oils benefitted us and our families, we realised that it was our mission to bring these products to market. The real challenge, we discovered, was that the quality of products on the market varied wildly and finding a CBD oil that was sufficiently pure, effective and consistent was a tall order. We found our trusted supplier in Somerset who delivers a high-quality base product due to superior growing and extraction processes and The Good Level has blossomed from that.” 

Unlike many CBD oil brands made from imported hemp, The Good Level’s hemp is grown in the UK in specialised greenhouses in Somerset and harvested by hand.  By sourcing the very best hemp products, using innovative farming processes and extraction methods, The Good Level’s pesticide and herbicide-free products are blended with extra virgin Kalamata olive oil and a carefully selected European isolate to give the oils the concentration of CBD required. This careful production process ensures that The Good Level’s products are guaranteed to deliver a consistently high-quality result.