Frontline Ventures announces $200M funds for B2B software companies

Frontline Ventures, specialising in B2B software companies, has launched $200 million across two investment vehicles: Frontline Growth and Frontline Seed. These funds are poised to drive the transatlantic development of B2B software enterprises, encouraging innovation across North America and Europe.

The allocation of the $200 million highlights Frontline's dedication to supporting globally ambitious B2B software firms poised to lead their categories and eventually pursue IPOs.

Initially established to introduce the US venture approach to Europe, Frontline Ventures has, over the last decade, extended its influence across both regions, aiding B2B software entities in seizing the transatlantic market opportunity. The US and Europe are paramount in the tech innovation landscape, collectively representing 70% of the global software expenditure and venture capital investment. Frontline's US-Europe corridor provides unmatched support and vital networks, benefiting enterprises at both the seed and growth phases in their international scaling and expansion efforts.

Over the past ten years, the Seed fund has invested in over 80 European startups, with more than 70% progressing to Series A funding and 60% making inroads into the US market.

Guided by partners Will Prendergast, Zoe Chambers, and William McQuillan, Frontline's third European fund will concentrate on investing in companies at the pre-seed and seed stages. Prominent companies in the Seed portfolio include Workvivo, Pointy, and Qualio, alongside Finbourne, Signal AI, Cloudsmith, and Overwatch, which Benchling acquired in the UK.

“The US and Europe account for the lion’s share of global software spend and global venture capital dollars. Frontline Seed’s mission over the past decade has been to help ambitious founders capture this critical transatlantic market and set them on the path to IPO,” says Will Prendergast, Partner at Frontline Seed. “This has led us to become an integral partner for the highest-potential B2B software businesses in Europe, who we support through our network on everything from fundraising to their U.S. go to market. Our success is demonstrated by the high proportion of our portfolio companies that have graduated to Series A and expanded into the U.S. market – with more yet to come.”

The Growth Fund, established five years ago, has backed more than a dozen North American companies with ambitions to expand into the European market. Under the leadership of Brennan O’Donnell and Stephen McIntyre, it targets companies through Series B to Series D. Growth-stage portfolio companies include notable names such as MosaicML, Lattice, Vanta, Attentive and Navan, and the fund is anticipating its first IPO within the next year.

“Though it is a traditionally overlooked market by U.S. entrepreneurs, Europe accounts for over 30% of the global revenues of top performing B2B software companies at IPO,” says Brennan O’Donnell, Partner at Frontline Growth. “Our goal at Frontline is to bridge the gap between the U.S. and European markets, providing a platform for B2B software companies to become global category leaders.”

Frontline Ventures is dedicated to building long-term relationships across the technology ecosystem, offering not just financial support but also access to a rich network of resources, expertise, and strategic partnerships. Frontline helps founders establish go to market strategies and supports fundraising efforts that enable sustained international success.