Foyne Jones Recruitment Group reveal 2023 workplace trends

Foyne Jones, recruiter of choice for the KBB, Builder’s Merchants & Construction Supplies sector encourages businesses to lean into the latest workplace trends in 2023, and how they are impacting the working world.

Peter Jones, Founder and Manager Director at Foyne Jones Recruitment Group says, “We all know that the skills crisis is a massive concern right now, especially when looking at the future scope and longevity of our sector. As a new generation rises through the ranks, this is a golden opportunity for us all to re-evaluate recruitment. In fact, the need for ongoing people-development should be the bedrock of corporate strategies now and moving forward, as our industry continues to evolve and be subject to added pressures such as the cost of living rise and market inflation increasing food, transport and energy prices. The pace of change in the retail and lifestyle sector will only increase to reflect market needs and so, supporting your workforce is non-negotiable moving forwards.

The latest Government statistics show that the number of UK job vacancies has decreased in the last quarter, but youth unemployment is up from 9.8% to 10.5%, so helping the stars of the future get on the ladder is crucial. We need to be real about the challenges we are all facing in light of inflation, meaning job seekers and employers BOTH need to be open and honest about their expectations in order to make positive change.”

As a thought leader and disruptor in recruitment, Peter Jones and his team continue to deliver game changing employment solutions for clients in the KBB and Merchanting space. Here are Foyne Jones key recruitment trends for 2023:

Workplace flexibility

Hybrid working is here to stay according to Forbes and it is becoming an increasing benefit for employers to reflect employees’ family responsibilities, as well as the desire to ‘earn and learn’ as part of vocational training.

“Our ‘always on’ working culture has led to a greater appreciation of downtime to prevent burnout and work-related stress, so the best businesses offer flexibility around core hours. This is rapidly becoming standard practice in many industries as we are finding that salary is just one part of the picture when a candidate is looking for a new role. I strongly advise employers to think outside the box when it comes to offering personalised incentives. Be creative so you can cater to your employees and deepen company loyalty. This will only come from getting to know your team as individuals. But remember, you can’t be flexible without trust, which is why you have to be brave and let your people work when, and wherever they want; as long as they have a strong internet connection, laptop and phone the magic will happen.”

Change is good

Anticipating and managing change has never been more important in a volatile global economy. In fact, Adecco state this is why employers need to hone in on leadership and in-house career progression, as teams are becoming more multigenerational. Changing working patterns mean that some workers may only come together via Zoom or Teams, and so managing a team remotely brings new challenges for established and newly-promoted leaders.

“I am a huge fan of digital, but we must remember that we are working with humans and not robots. Using technology to connect people and solve problems is amazing, however there is huge value in face-to-face meetings as it allows both sides to communicate without barriers. Leaders in 2023 need to pivot. They need to become excellent listeners and managers of people, while maintaining a commercial mindset. I believe that teams are only as good as their managers, and managers are only as good as their CEOs. Promoting a no-blame culture will help everyone navigate the ups and downs of corporate life – and this must start at the top. Don’t talk about change – be the change and show up for your people everyday.”

Power of video

The popularity of the social media platform TikTok over the past two years demonstrates how ‘vertical video’ is becoming the must-have medium for businesses in 2023, as social media continues to diversify. “The immediacy of video is a great way to communicate a job seeker’s personal brand or capture a company’s vibe. We understand that a video CV or a video interview might sound daunting, but they are becoming increasingly popular in 2023-4 as recruiters can seek the best candidates more quickly. Video also has a massive role to play in building a company’s ‘know, like and trust’ factor and so, dialogue between the employer and employee on video prior to first-stage interview is on the rise. Lending itself to a more custom culture in the workplace, individuals and companies are now in a position to get what they want from the get go.”

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