Forterro launches cloud ERP solution for SME discrete manufacturers and industrial startups

Forterro, the European provider of ERP software solutions for the industrial mid-market, announced the UK launch of Fortee, its entry-level cloud-based ERP solution.

Fortee is designed specifically for SME discrete manufacturers and industrial startups, drawing on 15 years of cloud-ERP experience.

Fortee is an out-of-the-box SaaS ERP solution tailored for organisations not yet using ERP. Based on Forterro’s successful cloud ERP solution, Sylob, Fortee includes features and functionalities most relevant to its target market, such as purchasing, production, CRM, and supply chain management.

“There are thousands of smaller manufacturers that are likely relying on manual processes or muddling through with spreadsheets,” said Benoît Wambergue, VP of Product Management, Forterro. “These companies recognise the need to centralise and streamline business processes, but they don’t have the resources for extensive customisation or large-scale deployments. Fortee is the perfect option. It has industry-relevant features based on 15 years’ experience, is designed specifically for small manufacturers, and users can be fully up and running in weeks.”

Over the past decade, Forterro has transformed from a provider of on-premise ERP solutions in the Nordics to a multi-product, pan-European company focusing on cloud.

“All our products are focused on helping businesses run smoother, getting products to the right place at the right time and helping people make smarter, data-based decisions,” said Steve Fearon, President, Northern Europe, Forterro. “Smaller manufacturers need to address digital transformation just as much as enterprises do, but it can be an even bigger challenge for them. Fortee helps on that journey and can transform their operational efficiency."

Fortee was launched in France in Q1 2024, with other countries expected to follow later in the year. Early UK customers include Versinetic, a global leader in the EV charging market. Previously, Versinetic managed its manufacturing operations through manual processes, spreadsheets, and limited automation. While these methods were adequate for a smaller company, Versinetic recognised the need for a more robust, scalable solution as it grew.

"Fortee ERP can be used across a variety of business sectors, but it suits electronics as the complexity of data can be managed easily with its open (cloud) approach,” commented Ritchie Perry, Production Engineer, Versinetic. “Fortee will play a pivotal role as we grow and look to maximise automation and remove manual intervention.”

Since implementing Fortee, Versinetic has witnessed a significant improvement in its manufacturing and engineering operations. Specifically, Fortee has helped materials management, planning, and engineering data control, enhancements which have ultimately transformed the efficiency and productivity of Versinetic’s processes.

“Years and years of cloud ERP learning and experience have been put into Fortee,” continued Benoît Wambergue. “It's a solution that has been honed and iteratively improved for a long time, and for smaller UK manufacturers, it is a compelling choice for their first ERP solution, offering users the flexibility to oversee their operations from any location.”