Flux opens up its offers platform to the majority of cardholders in the UK

Flux - the UK’s leading digital receipts and offers platform - announces a partnership with Fidel API that will facilitate access to its retailer offers and receive real-time cashback for all UK customers using payment cards connected to the UK’s largest card networks.

Consumers can register via the Flux Offers portal, link their credit or debit card and choose the account they want their real-time cashback to enter. Once consumers sign up, they activate the offers they like which are then automatically linked to their payment card and redeemed at point-of-purchase, with cashback. 

Retailers on the Flux Offers platform immediately gain access to consumers and can start to build a relationship with them. Through card-linked, product-level offers, retailers can confidently assess consumer interest and make targeted decisions based on purchase behaviour - such as location-based shopping and items previously bought.

The partnership with Fidel API significantly expands the potential market share of the Flux Offers platform. This is particularly exciting for Flux’s retail partners, who use the platform to increase sales by reactivating idle buyers and acquiring new consumers who opt into their offers with a clear ROI, thanks to Flux Offers’ built-in attribution feature. The Flux Offers platform is perfect for marketing, launching new products and targeting specific customer segments.

Today, UK consumers can enjoy retail offers and real-time cashback from KFC, Pure, Papa John’s, The Black Farmer, Apex Hotels, blankei, Healf, Amala Chai and others - with more retail partners joining over the coming months. Flux will use Fidel API’s financial infrastructure platform to facilitate retailer offers and cashback for cardholders at point-of-purchase.

Veronique Merriam Barbosa, CEO and co-founder of Flux, stated: “This is a game-changer. Using our cutting edge product-level data platform, customers can get real-time cashback and our retail partners can be more creative in how they increase sales, interact with consumers and market new products. I’m extremely proud of our team for making this happen. We are here to disrupt the cashback and offers’ model across the UK with our real-time product level cashback positioned for accelerated growth.”

Patrick Nealon, VP of Strategy at Fidel API, concluded: “Fidel API is incredibly excited to support Flux Offers which provides a novel, innovative experience that increases the value of using and accepting payment cards for cardholders and merchants respectively.”