The First Ever Vendor List Company Opens in the UK

At first glance, you may be wondering what a vendor list is and how it could ever be a profitable business. Well, we are in the year 2021, in the middle of a global pandemic and women everywhere are stepping out of their comfort zone and making big things happen from their brilliant ideas and imaginations.

One such woman is Nicky Bentley, the “womanpreneur” who is the CEO and founder of the UK’s first ever Vendor List Company called Crown Connective.

So, What’s a Vendor List Company?

Vendor List Companies are fairly new to the world of business, but they have proved to be very profitable for both themselves and their clients and they are here to change the game.

A Vendor List Company is also known as a Business Development Company. This type of company connects entrepreneurs with suppliers and wholesale vendors around the world for the purpose of them being able to purchase items they can retail to their respective customers and clients through their online stores.

Vendor List Companies save other businesses time and possibly money when they are seeking suppliers to fuel their business for growth. These companies are all in resource aids because many of them also help with business strategy, branding, marketing and so much more.  

Introducing Crown Connective

If you are looking to start a business or to upgrade your business inventory, then Crown Connective is the space for you. Founded in November 2020, Crown Connective is a B2B business that connects entrepreneurs and those just starting out directly with wholesale suppliers.

At present, Crown Connective caters to a wide range of sectors namely: womenswear, children’s clothing, menswear, adult toys, skincare, cosmetics, holistic health, spiritual products, jewelry, human hair and other hair products, activewear, handbags, lingerie and sleep wear.

This company has taken the time out to research and understand the wholesale market sector, which allows them to provide educational business resources in addition to their carefully curated lists, to help businesses get started and gain more knowledge while they’re at it.

Crown Connective has built its pillars on the quality of its suppliers and vendors, which means that accountability is high on their list for serving their customers.

The Visionary: About Nicky Bentley

Nicky Bentley has over 13 years experience in retail, merchandising and fashion sales. Before Crown Connective, she was the proud owner of “Boujee Babes UK”, a Jewelry retail store.

In 2020, Nicky has the pleasure of being part of the Natwest Back Her Business Crowdfunding Project. A project geared towards supporting female entrepreneurs who are starting new businesses.

Nicky has a Bachelor of Arts from Southampton Solent University with Honours and a National Diploma in Fashion, Business and Journalism. Nicky’s passion lies in helping business owners find the right suppliers for their businesses. She wants nothing more than to encourage them to turn their unpaid dream into a constant, paid stream of income. She wants to help entrepreneurs win!

Nicky’s Instagram handle is @crownconnective. She uses this platform to market her business as well as encourage existing and budding entrepreneurs to go for it no matter what. She shares tips and tricks on topics such as how to start a business when working full time, how to turn your passion into a paying business, what to do before quitting your job and the list goes on. She has also been featured on Minute Hack and Yahoo! Life.

Nicky also takes the time out to showcase some of her supplies and speak about the quality products they have. She also shouts from the mountaintop what her customers have to say and how satisfied they are.

Nicky Offers Other Business Resources

The idea surrounding Crown Connective is to not only serve as a B2B business connector, but to also provide business strategy resources to entrepreneurs as well. Via Crown Connective, businesses are able to access development resources. These resources include information on how to start an LLC for free, marketing and sales strategies, website tips and tricks and product processing.

So, as a business coming to Crown Connect for vendor lists, you can also benefit in other ways for the backend of your business, where all the true magic will take place.

How Crown Connective Works

If you’re reading this article and are interested in using Crown Connective for your retail vendor lists, then this is how it works:

  • Purchase the supplier list/lists for the items you wish to retail e.g. sleepwear, jewelry etc.…
  • Follow the steps that are provided in Crown Connective’s Ultimate Business Checklist (e-book) to create your business plan, order your stock, create your website and launch your business.
  • Purchase their business resource e-books if you need help in working with suppliers or manufacturers, building your website or marketing your business.

When you order your e-books from Crown Connective’s website, they are delivered to your email instantly. Also, note that each supplier list that you purchase will have more than 30 verified suppliers, wholesalers, and manufacturers, along with their contact information. 

Wrapping up

Nicky Bentley will go down in UK history as not only the first woman, but also the first person ever to make the bold step and start a vendor list company in her country.

Nicky started Crown Connective because she wanted business owners to live easier lives and have one less thing to worry about, in this case a supplier or suppliers.

Crown Connective, through its dynamic platform and service offerings, is a one-stop shop for many things a business and an entrepreneur will need to grow. 

If you wish to stay connected with Crown Connective, you can find them on Instagram @crownconnetive. You can also visit their website to learn more about them, store policies and frequently asked questions. Through the website, you are able to purchase all resources, including their business strategy e-books and supplier lists.

Crown Connective is a growing business with a passion to help entrepreneurs and their businesses succeed.