Female Foundry Partners with Google for Startups Cloud Program to Empower Female Entrepreneurs

Female Foundry has announced a partnership with the Google for Startups Cloud Program. This partnership will provide eight innovative female-founded companies going through a six-week Visionaries AI Programme access to a breadth of Google resources designed for early-stage startup founders, including its latest innovations in AI.

Agata Nowicka, Founder, Female Foundry , commented: “The Female Foundry Visionaries AI Incubator, in partnership with Google Cloud, offers a unique opportunity for female entrepreneurs building industry-defining solutions to leverage the latest developments in AI and gain first-hand technology-building advice from leaders in the AI space. We are looking forward to this strategic partnership. There is plenty of female founder talent, and we believe that those female founders who can fully embrace AI today have the potential to become the game-changers of tomorrow.”

James Lee, General Manager, Startups and AI, Google Cloud, said: “At Google Cloud, we believe that startups have shaped the world we live in today and will continue to do so in the decades ahead. It’s our pleasure to partner with Female Foundry to equip their most promising female entrepreneurs with our open and optimised stack for AI, broad choice of infrastructure solutions, and many important resources tailored for their startups.”

The Visionaries AI Incubator focuses on pioneering female-founded companies at the Pre-Seed to Series A stages. This initiative is grounded in insights from Female Foundry's State of Gender Diversity in European Venture 2024 report, which analysed over 300 perspectives on the European venture landscape. The report highlighted significant opportunities to accelerate the growth of promising female-led startups that are incorporating AI into their products and services. By addressing this potential, the incubator seeks to drive forward the next wave of innovative female entrepreneurs in Europe.