Expert storytellers on a mission to help sustainable brands attract more customers

The future belongs to those who can tell their story. The founders of Lone Design Club Accelerates and 5 Stories are partnering to help fashion businesses build that future.

Amanda Baker and Rebecca Morter know what it’s like to start up a business. They’ve experienced the loneliness, the fear, the self-doubt. They’ve learnt what works (and what doesn’t!) and now they’re passionate about sharing their wisdom with amazing businesses that are doing good in the world.

So they’re partnering to provide meaningful insights through their exclusive 6-part programme. But it’s not just for anybody. The pair want to invite those businesses who are doing genuine good in the world, but who are struggling to tell their story, despite how valuable it is. The programme is designed to give business owners the dedicated space, time and place to reconnect with the magic of their own message. It gives them confidence to build that story into one that resonates with their customers, ahead of the busy festive period ahead.

“It’s upsetting to us that fast fashion flows out the high street doors at Christmas while so many independent and sustainable fashion brands remain unseen and undiscovered,” explained Amanda Baker, founder of 5 Stories.We believe we can change that by showing them how to tell better brand stories.”

The programme is also intended to help stave off the loneliness that often comes with being a business founder. A recent study by weare3Sixty showed that 78% are lonely and 96% suffer stress effects, More than half of founders report feeling depressed (69%), anxious (51%), sleep deprived (68%) burnt out (56%), irritable (54%) or unable to focus (51%). The study showed that founders are 5.5 times lonelier than the UK average, while anxiety and depression are three times higher. 

“We know ourselves how lonely it can be starting up a business,” said Rebecca Morter, founder of Lone Design Club. “Our programme is there to provide a safe and encouraging space for founders to share their story with other business owners who understand them. It’s designed to help the founders of small fashion brands use their incredible stories to increase their sales over the festive season. Most of all, it’s here to show them they’re not alone - we’ve got your back and we’re going to help you get your business and your customers on the same page.”

The brand storytelling programme will start at Lone Design Club’s pop-up store in London on Wednesday 3rd November for some sessions, with the others online. The programme is available to 12 fashion businesses who are doing good in the world. Full details on the programme can be found here.

Startup Details

Startup Details


Lone Design Club

5 stories is the pioneering storytelling consultancy that helps brands connect with the people they exist for. Using its unique 5 stories methodology, it helps you get to the heart of your business purpose, creating brand stories that get you and your customer on the same page.

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