Encouraging Londoners back to the office in the New Year

Forest, the sustainable shared e-bike service, and Stubble & Co, a lifestyle brand in the UK, have announced a digital marketing collaboration.

This partnership features Stubble & Co leveraging Forest's Adtech platform to promote its Roll Top backpacks and disseminate its brand ethos to Forest's user base. Concurrently, the support from Forest’s corporate partners enables the company to continue offering free ten-minute daily rides to all users.

Both Forest and Stubble & Co target similar demographics and share a commitment to sustainability and brand values. They focus on fostering a spirit of adventure, aiming to motivate people to explore the outdoors, especially during daily commutes.

Forest’s recent data indicates that 50% of its e-bike rides occur during typical commuting times (7-9am and 5-7pm), with 75% of the rides covering distances less than five miles, the average length of a one-way commute. Notably, Forest has observed a 17% rise in average rides per user from Q3 to Q4 2024, even during the colder winter months in the capital.

A study by Stubble & Co highlights that commuting is the primary use for its bags, with over a third of customers commuting by bike or on foot. The Roll Top backpack, its most popular product, is designed for the needs of urban commuters, featuring a compact, comfortable, and waterproof design with a laptop sleeve, water bottle pocket, bike light anchor, and adjustable chest strap.

Through Forest, Stubble & Co aims to motivate more Londoners to cycle daily by offering chances to win Stubble & Co products. Each day for a month, one Forest user will be randomly chosen to receive the waterproof RollTop backpack.

Jamie Richards, Head of Commercial at Forest, commented: “It brings us great joy to partner with companies which share our ethos of environmentalism and an interest in the outdoors. We’re delighted to join forces with Stubble & Co. to help them market their products whilst also bringing more free rides to our users via the Forest Adtech platform and we look forward to seeing our riders win some awesome bags!”

Ben Watkiss, Co-Founder of Stubble & Co, remarked: “We share Forest's vision to make your daily commute easy, comfortable, and eco-conscious, prioritising both people and the planet. Our bags are designed to be versatile, perfect for using in the city and beyond. We hope this partnership encourages people in London to get out and Do.More.”

The collaboration includes Forest App Journey Ads and Video Ads and will begin on 8 January 2024 for an initial one-month term.