eMobility Expo World Congress 2024 seeks startups in sustainable mobility

The eMobility Expo World Congress 2024, set to take place in Valencia, Spain, from the 13th to the 15th February, will feature the eMobility Startup Forum.

This event is a contest among innovative startups showcasing groundbreaking technology-based solutions and business models in sustainable mobility.

Over 400 startups globally will participate in the eMobility Startup Forum, with 30 chosen to present their projects on the afternoon of 14th February and throughout 15th February. The forum targets startups offering novel ideas, technologies, initiatives, sustainable solutions, management models, and particularly success stories that aid various industry segments (including automotive, maritime, air, rail, bus, urban and micro-mobility) as well as the logistics and energy sector. These solutions should focus on improving fleet management, adopting sustainable fuel sources, and enhancing connected, autonomous, and safe mobility.

The presented solutions should be innovative and impactful, leveraging technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Digital Twin, IoT, Blockchain, Big Data & Analytics, Cybersecurity, Industrial Cloud, Machine Learning, and new energy sources like hydrogen, lithium batteries, and connected, autonomous car solutions. Startups interested in participating must submit their applications by 17th January.

The eMobility Startup Forum aims to foster synergies for a more sustainable future. It provides a platform for business leaders, potential partners, and investors to engage with startups, promoting knowledge transfer and synergy creation across the industry. This collaboration aims to enhance productivity, develop sustainable industries and cities, create future-oriented production and business models, and expand mobility product capabilities.

Jesús Haro, Director of the eMobility Expo World Congress, expressed: "Sustainable mobility is a key driver of global economic growth and the promotion of a more productive future in terms of transportation and energy use. For this reason, eMobility Startup Forum seeks to create synergies between startups and organisations in the sector to promote the development of technological solutions that facilitate the change of the current mobility model."

The eMobility Startup Forum's second edition will occur during the eMobility Expo World Congress 2024. The three-day event will gather over 6,000 professionals worldwide, spanning the public and private sectors, to address challenges and solutions in developing new mobility.