Edinburgh-Based Startup Launches First Smart Home Security System

The DIY system, launched by Edinburgh-based Boundary, was designed and created by a team of experts brought together by Boundary to solve the problems associated with traditional alarm systems and using leading-edge technology thinking.

Having passed a programme of rigorous pre compliance testing, Boundary is currently pending certification (expected to be signed off end Q1) to Grade 2 UK & European alarm testing standards, which not only means that the alarm is robust and performs reliably, but that it is also tamper-proof to would-be burglars. Grade 2 certification is also one of the requirements of insurers as well as the police for an automatic level 1 priority response.

The DIY version (no police, self-monitored) of the alarm system is simple to install, and can be easily controlled from a smartphone, meaning that the owner has full control over their siren no matter where they are. It can be integrated with existing smart home systems, including Alexa and Google Home.

In addition to being fully controllable from your phone, the system gives protection against all known threats, with intelligent sensors designed to minimise false alarms (including those caused by pets). Users are given a choice of protection levels in order to give them control, including a keyholder option.

Boundary systems use the same end-to-end encryption of data as internet banking applications, with over-the-air security updates ensuring maximum protection.

Unlike similar products of its kind, Boundary is built to last, with a lifespan of seven years. What’s more, the system uses advanced algorithms and technology to check the system remotely, including battery life which, in the sensors, should last over a year.

Boundary is spearheaded by the duo that disrupted the payments markets with successful FinTech business IPOS. IPOS was sold to iZettle, later acquired by Paypal. After identifying a gap in the market for a smart home security system that offers flexibility and connectivity at a reasonable price, Robin Knox and Paul Walton started to explore how technology could disrupt the market for traditional hard-wired burglar alarms. Boundary home security systems will become the only smart alarm in the UK accurate enough to provide an automatic police response and the only truly ‘smart’ alarm system to meet UK and European alarm standards.

Despite suffering setbacks as a result of the pandemic, the team at Boundary managed a funding round of £1.7m in 2020, and are launching their product to market against the odds in 2021.

Commenting on the launch, Robin Knox, CEO of Boundary, said: “2020 has been a year full of challenges, not least launching a highly regulated consumer hardware product in the middle of pandemic induced supply chain challenges. I’m thankful to our customers, team, investors and suppliers for their hard work and support to Boundary. With home improvement still at the top of many people’s priorities we’re optimistic for 2021 and are already looking forward to the launch of our second product which will leverage AI to proactively protect homes.”

Startup Details

Startup Details



Boundary is an IoT Home Security company providing a smart burglar alarm system that can be controlled over mobile devices.

  • Headquarters Regions
    Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
  • Founded Date
    Apr 10, 2018
  • Founders
    Paul Walton, Robin Knox
  • Operating Status
  • Number of Employees