Doublepoint introduces WowMouse for Google Pixel Watch 2

Doublepoint Technologies, a pioneer in gesture technology, has announced the debut of an updated version of its popular WowMouse gesture-touch control app for Android smartwatches at Mobile World Congress 2024.

The free app now supports Google’s highly anticipated Pixel Watch 2. Following its successful launch at CES in January, WowMouse has already garnered over 30,000 downloads by Samsung Galaxy users in just one month.

WowMouse revolutionizes how users interact with their smartwatches by transforming them into wrist-based mice. Through seamless Bluetooth connectivity, users can effortlessly control headsets, phones, tablets, computers and more.

“Surpassing 30,000 users within just one month is a testament to the impact WowMouse is making in the industry,” said Ohto Pentikäinen, CEO and co-founder of Doublepoint. “It reflects the growing demand for intuitive and powerful interactions with wearable devices.”

How it works

Doublepoint’s WowMouse uses the WearOS platform to let users add gesture-touch control to their wrist-based devices, creating an innovative new dimension of human-computer interaction. By giving consumers an intuitive mouse on their wrist, Doublepoint is redefining wearable interactions and presenting new opportunities for increasing consumer enjoyment.

“Since we introduced our WowMouse app on Samsung Galaxy Watches, our rapidly growing community has been asking for Pixel Watch 2 support,” added Pentikäinen. “WowMouse’s integration with Pixel Watch 2 brings our gesture detection technology into the hands of even more smartwatch owners. We’re thrilled to keep supporting more devices, because consumers’ excitement is a huge signal to the industry that there are increasing expectations for this type of device interaction and control.”


For augmented reality and virtual reality, WowMouse takes gaming and other interactive consumer technology experiences to a new level of immersion and smooth control. The revolutionary gesture-touch app connects easily with Bluetooth, giving consumers a quick way to intuitively interact with AR/VR headsets, as well as with any other device. Doublepoint’s expertly designed interface gestures, such as pointing and selecting, are so subtle that the device control experience is discrete and fluid, and is unparalleled in the AR/VR and gaming marketplace.

Evaluation Kit

For industry, Doublepoint is offering preorders for its Evaluation Kit. The kit includes a wristband, advanced algorithms and evaluation tools that make it easy for developers and manufacturers to explore new ways to improve current and future consumer products by embedding Doublepoint’s transformative gesture detection algorithm. Doublepoint provides advanced gesture detection, licensable software for smartwatch and fitness tracker integrations, and reference designs for new device categories like input wristbands.