Don’t Underutilise Social Media When Looking to Make a Startup a Success Story

If the goal is to make your startup a success story, the last thing you want to do is underutilise social media. Platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, and Tiktok present sizable opportunities to grow brand awareness, better customer service, and increase sales.

It’s important to note, though, that there are millions of people on social media and just as much, if not more, content to consume. So, if you’re going to take a real stab at social media marketing, you must do it with creativity and intention at the forefront of your efforts. 

Before we dive into how you can use social media marketing effectively, let’s explore the advantages of social media marketing and companies taking full advantage of them.

The Advantages of Social Media Marketing

One of the main benefits of social media marketing is how deep your reach can go on these platforms. You can connect with more of your target audience because people worldwide use these platforms. As a result, you attract more quality leads to your business and boost your bottom line.

Social media marketing also increases brand awareness and recognition. With the potential to have millions of eyes on your content on social media, many more people will also have the potential to become aware of your brand and recognise it wherever you are.

Furthermore, the rest of your digital platforms, like your website and email list, can benefit from your use of social media. For example, you can use your pages to drive followers to your website to learn more about your brand. You can also promote your email list on social media and share the link to sign up in your bios.

Now, let’s look at a few examples of companies that have done a fantastic job with social media marketing.

Examples of Companies That Have Knocked Social Media Marketing Out of the Park

If you aren’t yet convinced about the benefits of social media marketing, there are quite a few companies you can study that have knocked it out of the park on social media.

Start with a company that knows how to leverage Instagram beautifully by sharing the stories behind unique stays in their captions accompanied by breathtaking photos. Stories are important tactics in Instagram campaigns, and Airbnb is one company that shares its stories regularly. By doing this, they’ve been able to drive leads to their website, increase bookings, and build authority in their industry. 

Another social media strategy you can use is interactive content, like videos and live streams. Startups like Glossier and Barkbox increased their engagement with their respective audiences using these types of content. The former shares personalised makeup looks and to-die-for products. The latter encourages its audience to share their pets interacting with their personality-packed Bark toys with the hashtag #BarkBox.

All in all, startups hitting it out of the park with social media marketing leverage their brand personalities, creativity, and customers to get the best results.

Wondering how to use a social media marketing strategy effectively? We’ve got four tips to get you started below.

How to Utilise a Social Media Marketing Strategy Effectively

Here’s how you can utilise a social media marketing strategy effectively:

Document your social media marketing plan

First, you must document your social media marketing plan in full detail. Be sure to include the following:

  • Content calendar
  • Your hashtag strategy
  • Metrics and KPIs you’ll track
  • Who your target audience is 
  • Specific goals for each platform
  • Overarching social media marketing goals
  • Cross-platform marketing tactics you’ll use
  • Which social media platforms you’re using
  • Who’s involved with creating and publishing content 
  • How often you will publish content on each platform
  • What kind of content you will post on each platform

Next, focus on creating content that stands out.

Create content that stands out

To create content that stands out, inject your brand personality into each piece. Use your unique voice, messaging, and visual elements to draw your target audience in and distance yourself from the competition.

Also, it’s an excellent idea to take advantage of user-generated content. Ask your customers to create videos using your products or talking about your services and experience with your brand. Then, invite them to submit those videos to you for use on your social media platforms, website, and possibly for your email list.

Furthermore, you may want to look into working with specific influencers and content creators to make even more content unique to your brand.

In addition, use your creative content in paid ads.

Leverage paid ads

This may come later on in your social media marketing strategy, but leveraging paid ads can help your brand become even more visible on social media. They also give you the ability to target key characteristics and demographics so that the people most likely to engage with your brand see your ads.

It’s best to start small with paid ads and learn the ins and outs of their effectiveness at a slower pace.

Lastly, stay consistent.

Be consistent

Ultimately, your social media marketing strategy means nothing if you aren’t going to be consistent with it. So, stick to your plan, document your experience, and pivot along the way to get the most out of your strategy.


Don’t make the mistake of underutilising social media when looking to make your startup a success. You’ll lose out on prime marketing benefits like a broader reach, better brand recognition, and more quality leads.

Instead, use social media effectively by first defining a social media marketing strategy. Then, create content that stands out with brand personality. Also, leverage paid ads to get closer to your target audience. Finally, be consistent with your plan to accelerate positive results.