Do-it-yourself virtual PR summit for startups

The PR Essentials Summit taking place on Friday 11th December from 7am PT to 5pm PT. The Summit is a one day virtual learning event for startups, entrepreneurs and small business owners to learn and develop their own public relations strategies and campaigns moving into the New Year.

"Over the past 20 years I've learned that having PR education is critical for startups and founders to support successful campaigns," said Founder and CEO Ronjini Joshua. "The PR Essentials Summit is designed to give everyone a grasp of what's happening in the media and public relations industries, so they can better understand, navigate and work with media to get brand exposure. Think of it as a massive group masterclass."

The summit features 20 different panels and live workshops including:

  • Developing your PR Strategy for 2021
  • Influencer relations and paid media
  • When, How and Why to create a press release
  • Non-profit PR and what you need to know
  • What you need to know for Cannabis startups
  • Auditing your social media presence
  • Thought Leadership and building your brand
  • What you need to know about Crowdfunding and getting started
  • And more...

Ending with a Fireside Chat with Techcrunch's Anthony Ha, Award-winning journalist Jennifer Jolly, YouTube's EBPMan Reviews' Milton Santiago and KLTA5's Rich Demuro discussing 'The State of the Media' and best practices.

"Everyone should have the skills to run PR themselves. It's all a matter of understanding the nuances and best practices of PR to get it done right. The PR Essentials Summit is shedding light on all of that in one day. This one day summit should set you up for 2021," continued Joshua.

Summit passes for The PR Essentials Summit start at just $49, with the option to add bonuses, consulting and more to compliment your registration. To see a full list of speakers or register click here.