DigitalOcean Reimagines App Platform, Paving the Way for Application Development and Scaling

DigitalOcean Holdings, the developer cloud optimised for startups and growing technology businesses, has announced the next evolution of App Platform, a fully managed platform-as-a-service (PAAS) solution designed to streamline the entire application lifecycle.

With enhanced value, autoscaling capabilities, and a revamped experience, App Platform is better enabling customers to build, deploy, and scale their apps, without the complexity of managing the underlying infrastructure.  

“To meet the dynamic demands of today’s digital landscape, ISVs, startups, and growing technology businesses require solutions that place cost efficiency and scalability at the forefront,” said Todd Redfoot, Chief Technology Officer at DigitalOcean. “We’ve listened to the needs of our customers and reimagined App Platform, improving the app creation experience while lowering the total cost of ownership. Whether a business is deploying web interfaces, business solutions, or cutting-edge microservices-based applications, App Platform offers the flexibility and freedom they need to thrive.”

Enhanced Pricing and Packaging to Support Business Growth

With an updated pricing model and packaging, App Platform is removing the barriers to scalability for ISVs, startups, and growing digital businesses, allowing them to benefit from:

  • Pay-as-you-go pricing: App Platform reflects the usage of resources to help ensure that businesses only pay for what they need, resulting in significant cost savings compared to traditional hosting solutions. 
  • Better flexibility and value: Customers can now mix and match different instance types with the removal of tiers, creating a solution that works for their specific use case. This offering also provides enhanced value with up to a 35% reduction in dedicated instance prices, an expanded range of dedicated instance types, and higher egress data transfer allowance to mitigate budget constraints and bandwidth limitations. In addition, an 80% reduction in bandwidth overage fee makes it cheaper to run compute and data-intensive apps on App Platform. 

Hassle-Free Scaling for Businesses

Developers need infrastructure that can efficiently handle varying workloads without manual intervention. The availability of CPU-based autoscaling for App Platform allows customers to scale applications horizontally based on utilisation metrics, helping optimise both resource usage and costs. By continuously collecting CPU usage metrics from containers running application components, App Platform automatically adjusts the number of container instances within preset minimum and maximum limits based on configured thresholds. 

Dedicated IP for Strengthened Security

Building an application often involves interacting with various third-party services. To enhance security, these services frequently require access control by allowing only specific source IP addresses (IP allow list). With a new Dedicated Egress IP feature, users can assign a unique pair of static IP addresses for outgoing traffic to help safeguard the transmission of data, allowing for stable and uninterrupted connection to third-party APIs and SaaS services.  

App Platform currently supports many popular languages and frameworks, including Node.js, Next.js, React, Python, Flask, Django, Laravel, Go, and Docker. For specific details on the new pricing and packaging, refer to the App Platform pricing page. To learn more about dedicated IPs and autoscaling, visit this product page.