Digitalised 3D collection comes to life, championing sustainability at London Fashion Week

Acer has announced a collaboration with renowned designer Jenn Lee to digitalise this year’s collection and bring it to life at London Fashion Week 2023.

The partnership between Acer, Portal: M, a Taiwan-based digital fashion startup, and Jenn Lee showcases the power of the metaverse in transforming the fashion industry. By leveraging gaming experiences and showcasing 3D designs during the fashion show, the collaboration demonstrates a futuristic approach to fashion that prioritises sustainability.

London Fashion Week is known for pushing boundaries and embracing technology, and this collaboration was no exception. Through Acer's SpatialLabs gaming laptops with the latest technology and Jenn Lee's innovative designs, the show seamlessly merges the physical and digital worlds, to captivate the audience and industry insiders alike.

Cutting-edge optical solutions and technology

Acer’s SpatialLabs technology is a suite of experiences empowered by optical solutions plus display and sensory technologies that bring the virtual world to a more physical dimension, delivering stereoscopic 3D experiences in a new, intuitive way. Content literally floats in front of the screen, allowing creators to examine their creations in real-time and 360 degrees – without the need for specialised glasses.

The 3D designs will be central to Jenn Lee’s presentation at Tab Centre, Shoreditch in London on 17th September 2023. Facilitated by Portal: M’s key partner and Taiwan textile manufacturer Makalot, the cross-industry collaboration underscores the major opportunities digitalisation offers for making the fashion industry more sustainable while encouraging designers to also think of themselves as digital content creators.

Eco- fashion in 3D

One of the key focuses of the collaboration is sustainability. By utilising digitalisation and the metaverse, the fashion industry can significantly reduce fabric waste. The ability to design, showcase, and sell clothing digitally reduces the need for physical samples and production, minimising environmental impact. This collaboration served as a powerful reminder that sustainable fashion and digital innovation can go hand in hand.

Event details

  • Date and venue: 17 September at The Shoreditch Tab Centre
  • Themes: Jenn Lee will emphasise:
  1. The importance of free self-expression in the post-pandemic era
  2. The significance of sustainability in fashion: Her designs utilise discarded garments she discovered along a Taiwanese riverbank and advocate for recycling and sustainable fashion creation.
  • Designs on digital display: High-definition screens will also project Portal: M’s virtualised 3D designs, highlighting Jenn Lee’s skillful use of recycled materials and specialised lining.
  • Atmosphere: The venue will mirror the ambience of Jenn Lee’s studio – casual yet artistically vibrant, with design sketches and an array of art pieces.