Digital security startup launches crowdfunding campaign for digital guardian

Digital security specialist Zobi is set to launch a new campaign via leading crowdfunding site Kickstarter, as the brand sets its sights on delivering new technology to keep us safe in a digital world. Zobi has already garnered interest from venture capital and crowdfunding efforts, raising over £500,000 via angel investors, institutional investors and equity crowdfunding platform Seedrs.

This latest campaign, launching on Wednesday 28th October comes as Zobi announces new features for its first consumer product, Hedgehog, which will be shipped in early 2021.

Hedgehog is a digital guardian that, using artificial intelligence and human heuristics, detects and blocks suspicious activity or devices on a whole home network and creates a safe guest Wi-Fi for visitors.

With its sleek design, the device sits in the home as seamlessly as a piece of homeware and puts consumers privacy first with its new simple, smart and safe technology. There is no personal sensitive data or browsing history recorded by Hedgehog or Zobi.

In a newly announced feature, it will also be able to monitor the dark web and social media for signs of bullying, abuse and online predators that could affect those in that household.

An innovate guest Wi-Fi function means Hedgehog acts as a Wi-Fi access point without the need for sharing passwords. Guests to the home or workspace can tap their personal device onto a Hedgehog and immediately gain access to a safe and isolated Wi-Fi without any potentially sensitive details being at risk. The guest Wi-Fi range can also be extended with additional tap points called Hoglets (the name for a baby hedgehog).

Zobi’s Kickstarter campaign is being raised specifically to meet its stretch goals of securing 10,000 units worth of pre-orders in just 30 days. Pre-ordering via the Kickstarter platform also brings additional perks, including savings of up to 75% off the launch price.

Scott Lever, Founder of Hedgehog, said: “Our mission is to create technology that puts customers privacy first and our vision is to help to create a world where people's privacy and personal data stay safe.”

In the last twelve months alone, Zobi has received several industry accolades, including netting investment from winning the Start-Up Series competition, being selected by Google from 12,000 start-ups for its renowned Start-Up Grind Global Conference, and being invited to join KPMG as one of only 11 cyber start-ups for their expert arena and venture matching programme.

For more information about Zobi, click here and Meet Hedgehog.