The digital nametags we’ve always needed

Boomerang, a UK based startup focused on sustainable solutions, has launched an innovative new product, the BoomerangTag – a physical label with a QR code on it.

Owners can leave and receive digital notes on items so ‘finders’ can easily return their lost belongings. Items can also be rehomed or listed on community marketplaces for free.

Every hour, £258k worth of items are lost on UK public transport alone! This is one of the many reasons why Boomerang is inviting individuals worldwide to join their community on a mission to reunite people with their items and be part of their journey to create a more sustainable future.

Traditional nametags are outdated and BoomerangTag offers a modern solution, resulting in a higher chance for people to be reunited with their lost items. The BoomerangTag is designed to tackle global lost property and foster a circular economy – from just 30p, or less for multiple orders. The tags are currently sold exclusively online at

The BoomerangTag is available in two models: ‘The Indestructible’ for items such as phones, laptops and water bottles, and the ‘The Iron-On’ for your favourite hoodie or jacket. BoomerangTags can be applied to all kinds of items, from clothing and accessories to electronics and personal belongings.

Charlie Braham, Founder of Boomerang said: "We believe that every item has value and deserves a second chance, and that’s why we created BoomerangTag. Our digital nametags and the Boomerang Community is our contribution to reducing waste in lost property bins and enabling the kindness economy. Losing stuff is really annoying, and I lived this experience with my water bottles. Losing them at the office, the gym, almost anywhere and never getting them back. There’s financial and environmental investment in such products, and of course it applies to anything. We all have that loved item we remember losing, and we’ve all seen that massive pile of lost property at school, university, the office, the gym or anywhere else! BoomerangTag is here to solve this.”

The Boomerang Community, an integral part of the Boomerang ecosystem, has been built to enable easy retrieval and rehoming of lost items, fostering a culture of reuse and sustainability.