Digital Marketing Skills Surge in IT, Tech, and Telecoms

The year 2023 has been marked by unparalleled challenges impacting numerous industries, including IT, Technology, and Telecoms. The cost-of-living crisis has remained a significant concern. Within this context, businesses in these sectors have realised the critical importance of marketing in offering reassurance and fostering trust with customers, clients, and suppliers.

The recently released Digital Marketing Skills Benchmarking Report by Target Internet, in collaboration with the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), highlights a shift towards a digital-first strategy in the business realm. This report shows marketers enhancing their digital skills, with notable improvements in areas such as Social Media and SEO.

Analysing data from over 10,000 marketing professionals collected from 2018 to 2023, the report identifies key trends, opportunities, and challenges in the marketing landscape. It indicates that, while the IT, Technology, and Telecoms industry has traditionally been behind in various marketing disciplines, there has been positive growth in most areas. This includes a 16% increase in Ecommerce skills and a 14% rise in Social Media skills compared to 2021.

However, the industry still underperforms in several areas and tends to overestimate its abilities. For instance, General Marketing skills saw a 5% decline from 2021. The industry's confidence in Analytics and Data skills stands at 49%, but the actual skill level is only 34%, suggesting room for improvement in digital marketing skills.

The report also examines how businesses in IT, Technology, and Telecoms can enhance their customer reach and engagement through effective use of digital platforms and strategies. With marketers adapting to emerging technologies like generative AI, Google Analytics 4, Web3, an expanding martech stack, and a growing number of social media platforms, the skillset required from marketing professionals in these industries is broadening.

Marie Wilcox, Panaseer, CIM South East Chair, commented on the findings: “Apart from General Marketing, this industry's marketing capabilities show a highly encouraging trend. Five disciplines have seen double-digit growth, with others close behind, setting a solid foundation for further progress.”

The industry is preparing for more macroeconomic disruptions in the next year. Therefore, marketers' adaptability and responsiveness to changes will become crucial. Continuous learning in digital skills will enable marketers to tackle challenges effectively, build stronger customer relationships, and advance their careers.

Daniel Rowles, CEO of Target Internet, summarising the study's results, stated: “The findings of this year's benchmarking study reveal significant opportunities and risks for all businesses. Those embracing ongoing professional development stand out, especially as technology evolves rapidly. This emphasises that reducing investment in training is counterproductive for enhancing productivity and growth.”