DES2024 closes its eighth edition with 17,157 attendees leading the ethical debate on AI

Digital Enterprise Show (DES) closed its eighth edition with the attendance of 17,157 executives from 41 countries. During three days, DES 2024 analysed the impact of the application of artificial intelligence, along with other digital solutions such as blockchain, data analytics and cybersecurity, on business. What is already the largest European summit on exponential technologies confirms that DES2025 will be held from 10 to 12 June in Málaga, Spain.

DES has positioned itself as an unmissable event on the map of major international technology events. A total of 592 experts from all industries have analysed the challenges posed by the arrival of generative AI in different economic fields to maximise its contribution both to society, placing value on the humanistic side, and to the corporate ecosystem.

In this sense, the Digital Business World Congress, the reference forum at the European level on digitalisation, which takes place in the framework of DES, has welcomed global voices such as Zondwa Mandela, grandson of Nelson Mandela; Wendy Hall, the pioneer in the development of science for the creation of the web; or Linghan Zhang, Member of the UN High-Level Advisory Body on Artificial Intelligence, who have agreed to place the human being at the level of advancement of technology in order to be truly a driving force for the promotion of fundamental rights.

All of them met in the sessions that, for the first time, took place in the framework of the congress under the name #AI4Humanity by UN, and which were led by Carme Artigas, Co-Chair of the United Nations High-Level Advisory Body on Artificial Intelligence. In fact, Artigas has been recognized as AI Leader of the Year by DES for being an exemplary figure at the international level in the promotion of digitalisation in the private, public and academic spheres, as well as being a promoter of ethics in the field of artificial intelligence.

DES2024 also presented the major advances that are being accelerated by the arrival of AI in all sectors. In the health sector, the arrival of neurodata is enabling the development of therapies for trauma recovery, while in the cultural industry, it is boosting the democratization of art and marketing areas are seeing their productivity and effectiveness boosted.

By 20430, AI could contribute up to $15.7 trillion to the global economy

The last day of the global summit has explored the new trends that will shape the business landscape in the coming years, where AI will be a major player. Statistics reveal that by 2030, AI could contribute up to $15.7 trillion to the global economy, revolutionising industries and creating new growth capabilities.

In this context, Rhett Power, leadership development specialist and Forbes columnist, has highlighted that adaptability, resilience and a focus on innovation will be invaluable to business success. "The future depends on how we adapt as leaders, not how we adopt technology," he said. For this reason, he considered it essential to have proactive executives, who promote a dynamic and continuous learning culture, with a data-driven organisation that can make decisions in an agile way, and, above all, that has resilience plans to overcome any unexpected challenges.

DES2024 fills Malaga

The celebration of the eighth edition of DES has led to the hotels hanging the "full house" sign in Malaga, registering 98% occupancy during the days of the congress, a figure that has been accompanied by the economic impact that the summit has left in the city, which is more than 34 million euros.

"DES continues to build an environment in which managers from all over the world can find knowledge and success stories on how to apply technology to improve their organisations: from the most operational part, to manufacturing or service development, or even marketing strategies to differentiate themselves in the market," said Sandra Infante, director of DES. "And doing it in Malaga is a clear opportunity, as the city's current potential as an epicenter of technological innovation in Europe helps the event to progress hand in hand with its host venue.

DES2024 brought together 403 global firms such as IBM, Oracle, Nvidia, Santander, T-Systems, Clear Channel, eBay, Fhios, Jirada, NP Digital, The Cocktail, Vass, Westcon and Zoho, which presented solutions and applications of technologies related to AI, digital twins, blockchain, cybersecurity, data analytics, multicloud, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, among many others.