Content creator platform building steady incomes and connecting with new audiences

The multibillion-pound industry of beauty vloggers, game streamers, fitness influencers, newsletter writers, podcast producers, and social media stars who make up the 'creator economy,' was around well before the pandemic, but since 2020 the economy has flourished, seeing more people than ever seek out and invest in digital tools to promote their new creative projects.

However, as a content creator in a competitive world, it can often feel tough to reach new audiences or even connect with the right people for your brand, not to mention making money from it. Steady is the Berlin-based startup changing all that, enabling passionate and creative content creators to turn their art into a stable and profitable business.

With over 1,400 publishers and 179,000 members, the platform has rapidly grown in popularity amongst those in the know, with big names like Gal-dem, Sam Baker, Gay Times, and Little White Lies all utilising the platform's tools to connect content and creative media with new audiences.

While many large content-sharing platforms make it difficult for creators to earn a living, Steady focuses on enabling its publishers to access reliable funding while processing regular payments from their members. Steady enables creators to share newsletters, audio content and online posts with supporters who can pay a monthly fee to support their favourite creators and to access sometimes paywalled content, cultivating a sense of community.

When we spoke to Steady’s CEO, Tina Dingel, she said: “We understand the value that independent voices bring to our society. Ensuring that a diverse range of creators have a platform to share their work is key to promoting open discussions and strengthening free societies. As we see more and more communication platforms being dominated by billionaire owners and mediated by algorithms, we provide an alternative that enables creators to flourish, regardless of the size of their audience.”

Creativity flourished in the pandemic

Since the pandemic, people have become more willing to pay for the content they consume, a shift that is transforming the creator economy. At the end of 2021, the Press Gazette reported that at least 30 English language publications have surpassed 100,000 subscribers. When using larger platforms and relying on advertising income, returns for creators can be volatile, as it is impossible to anticipate revenue levels from month to month and publishers are dependent on algorithms to reach their audience.

Making your creativity work for you

Steady enables creators to take control of their income and earn a regular wage from their members’ contributions. Since launching in 2016, on average, each member that subscribes to Steady stays for over three years, often because they want to support their favourite creators and ensure that their voice continues to be heard. This compares to average stays of 25 months for Netflix subscribers and 18 months for Spotify Premium subscribers. Creators on Steady made over 13 million Euros on the platform, meaning that there are hundreds of journalists, podcasters and artists using Steady who are now able to better monetise their vocation and attain greater financial security.

Functions and features

Steady connects consumers and creators, enabling fans to access better content and support their favourite creators. Meanwhile, creators are able to create and interact with their community and gain the financial freedom they need to prioritise the work that matters most to them. Unlike large publishing houses, using Steady means that creators are able to retain the rights to their work, and access data shared by their members, enabling creators to connect with their audience through integrated community features and tools, including discussions in comment sections or directly via email.

It is important to realise that there is so much variety in the creative industry now, and so Steady works with the user's exact needs, enabling them to create their own unique platform around whatever their chosen medium, including written word, video, audio, visual art, podcasting, and picture-based sites.


Steady also allows users to integrate paywalls and collect subscriptions directly on the publisher’s website, with the option to choose different pricing tiers, Adblock detection and offer free trials. Offering newsletters, audio content, and online posts via a membership model means that creators are not at the mercy of algorithms, instead, they are able to reach subscribers directly.

Changing the economy

While the pandemic resulted in many people losing their jobs, or finding themselves locked inside their homes, creators and influencers turned to social media for engagement and entertainment and found monetising opportunities instead. The rapidly growing creator economy has given rise to a whole new generation of content creators, boosting the economy, creating new jobs, and Steady can help users access opportunities that can democratise entry routes into the creative industries as a career.