Companies given test social media video campaign opportunity free of charge

A London-based business growth agency is so confident that it can create profitable social media advertising for clients, it is offering to run test social media video campaigns on behalf of interested companies free of charge.

GRO.TEAM has made the offer available to all organisations, regardless of size and sector. The agency can help create and edit videos, and no contracts or commitments apply on completion. Businesses that sign up even get to keep their test content.

The agency is running the campaign as part of its overall digital marketing services, which include online marketing, pay per click support, search engine visibility and conversion rate optimisation.

Rorie Devine, from the GRO.TEAM founding team, said: “Social media campaigns are frequently a catalyst for business growth: a clear and visual burst of energy that can give a major boost to brand reputation, awareness or sales.

“We’ve received fantastic feedback since launching our test campaign offer and are confident we can directly generate the required results for companies who take advantage of it.

“Social media videos are increasingly becoming the go-to medium for companies wanting to engage effectively with their audience and the numbers speak for themselves; a recent test video we ran on Facebook was watched nearly 30,000 times by our target viewers.”

GRO.TEAM has worked with the likes of Google, Amazon, WhatsApp, Sky, Tesco, Betfair, HSBC and the BBC. The agency recently picked up the highest-ranking ‘platinum’ prize for ‘excellence in creativity and digital communication’ in the business-to-business market at the 'dotCOMM Awards'.

The awards are an international competition that recognise companies which are ‘transforming how we market and communicate products and services’. 

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Startup Details



The Business Growth Agency helps people with Coaching/Mentoring, growing a team​ with interim and permanent talent and growing a company​ with Growth Hacking/Growth Coaching.

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