Colorintech and Meta launch new 100 worlds in 100 days initiative

Colorintech, a non-profit organisation that supports diversity and inclusion in the tech industry, has announced its largest UK metaverse programme today, ‘100 Worlds in 100 Days.’

Backed by Meta and the UK’s Not for Profit in tech, Colorintech, the 100 Worlds in 100 Days programme aims to educate more than 200 UK businesses to develop, build and scale immersive products, tools and services.

The metaverse has been gaining momentum as a new frontier for innovation, entertainment, and social interaction, and as it continues to grow, so will the opportunities.

The tech giant is, for the second year, committing to work with Colorintech to provide more than 50 hours of free resources, support, and guidance for start-up creators and more established businesses looking to build inclusive virtual worlds, experiences and business ideas.

"We’re excited that one of the world's most innovative companies Meta has again chosen to prioritise diversity and inclusion as one of the key pillars of its investment in the metaverse through this new programme," said Ashleigh Ainsley, Co-Founder of Colorintech.

“We believe that the metaverse has the potential to bring people together and grow business opportunities in new and meaningful ways, and we are committed to helping more people build new platforms that are accessible and importantly, inclusive."

The 100 Worlds in 100 Days programme will include a series of workshops, webinars, and community networking events that will provide creators with the skills, tools, and knowledge they need to build diverse and inclusive virtual worlds, experiences, and businesses. Selected applicants will get the opportunity to join a trade delegation supported by Meta to help scale their businesses to new markets.

“The metaverse has enormous potential to transform how we work, learn, communicate, and experience the world around us. We want it to be for everyone. To make this a reality, it needs to be a collaborative approach. We are proud to support Colorintech and partnerships like this to ensure we're building the metaverse responsibly and inclusively from the start.” said Nick Clegg, President, Global Affairs at Meta.

The initiative will also offer mentorship and support to help creators overcome any challenges they may face in the process. Applications to be a part of the programme are now open, with a separate application for brand new ideas and concepts as well as established businesses. Following all applications, 100 will be shortlisted to receive training and guidance with the top ideas then being pitched to a panel of experts to receive additional support at the end of the 100 days.

The 100 Worlds in 100 Days programme initiative is part of Colorintech's broader mission to create a more diverse and inclusive tech industry. Since 2018, Colorintech has been working to address the lack of diversity in tech by providing training, mentorship, and networking opportunities for underrepresented groups in the industry.

Meta is committed to building a metaverse that is accessible to everyone and has made significant strides in promoting diversity and inclusion within the platform. Both organisations are committed to spearheading growth and development opportunities for all through 100 Worlds in 100 days.

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Founded in 2016, Colorintech was started with the belief that a more inclusive tech industry is better for products, innovation, employees and leads to a larger generational impact when it comes to wealth creation and closing opportunity gaps.

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