Co-Create What’s Next at CES 2023: Marelli to showcase cutting-edge technologies that drive vehicle personality and performance

Marelli, one of the world’s leading global independent suppliers to the automotive sector, will showcase its latest innovations at CES 2023 in Las Vegas, January 5-7, 2023, at the Wynn Hotel. The invitation-only, interactive experience will allow guests to co-create the future of mobility.

Those visiting Marelli’s hospitality suite at CES will experience the company’s latest technology portfolio that drives vehicle personality and performance. In-demand features will be brought to life in the space through Marelli’s latest concept models and digital configurators.

Customers will be invited to define their brand’s personality or DNA by configuring their own vehicle, choosing from a curated selection of lighting, sensing, electronics, and interior options featured in Marelli’s Digital Design Studio. Users will have the option to select their features from designated personality styles or create their own unique design.

The Marelli showcase will also highlight Smart Surface solutions that enhance vehicle personality and user experience. Visitors will get to explore first-hand the natural meeting point of cutting-edge electronics and the highest standards for interior design through Marelli’s Smart Surface solutions. Realised through the Digital Design Studio, the material collection display, and the interactive cockpit demo, visitors will be able to experience interactive, informative, and decorative options.

Interactive smart surfaces provide a seamless and optimal solution for software integration into the vehicle’s interior, providing a unique expression and enhancing function and style. This option also greatly enhances in-cabin safety, providing voice recognition options and eliminating mechanical buttons, replacing them with haptic switches. Informative smart surfaces provide customisable information and alerts to and from the driver or passenger without compromising aesthetics. Decorative smart surfaces utilise illumination to take the cabin to the next level of sophistication and broadens styling options, providing a signature look that can range from luxury to casual or cool to warm.