CIRCLE: the game changer for urban mobility

CIRCLE is based in Paris and was created in 2019 by Eric Boullier, Ex-CEO of McLaren and Renault F1 Racing and Alain Di Duca, electric micro-mobility specialist. 

Witnessing the development of new mobility in cities centred around MaaS, Eric and Alain have worked together to create a 4-wheel pod that completes the mobility offer of free-floating operators, who have already deployed e-scooters and e-bikes across European cities such as Paris, Berlin, Vienna, or Madrid. 

CIRCLE is not, and will never be, an operator. CIRCLE is a mobility solution supplier. 

The CIRCLE vehicle provides an end-to-end solution, through a purpose built small electric car that includes a complete digital platform which supplies data to the operator in real time. The concept has been co-designed with free floating operators. 

CIRCLE offers an innovative solution which was inspired by two-wheelers’ features: a battery swap system with six integrated rechargeable modules. This key breakthrough is dock less, independent from recharge infrastructure, and provides an unlimited range. 

CIRCLE is an urban electric car, consisting of two side-by-side seats and a 70km/h speed limit. Together with CAPGEMINI, CIRCLE is also developing the most advanced cloud platform solution that collects information in real time on the status and driving behaviour of the vehicle, allowing profiling, reports, and advice towards more responsible driving.  The CIRCLE application allows the driver to seamlessly find the vehicle, book it, unlock it through a QR code, make a stop over, and lock the car with a QR code scan. 

The solution is smartphone centric. CIRCLE vehicles are keyless, easy to find, easy to drive, easy to park, and are visually appealing to women and men of all ages. The pod also has an integrated system which automatically disinfects the car after each journey, thereby eliminating the risk of any contamination between drives. Regarding security, CIRCLE pods are fitted with large run flat tyres and a double triangular suspension, often used in racing, which provides better car handling and integrates front and rear energy absorption devices. 

Throughout the design process of the vehicle, engineers were focused on providing an environmentally friendly solution. This strategy directly resulted in the reduction of CO2 emissions by four tonnes per vehicle over its lifetime compared to a classic urban car. Due to its light weight, a CIRCLE pod consumes four times less energy and reduces emission of fine particles by 75%. The car’s body work uses recycled and bio sourced plastics, and 90% of the car will be recycled or reused after the 10 years life cycle of the car.  

First deliveries will take place Q3 of next year.