Chile's deep tech pioneers to showcase innovations at London Tech Week 2024

ProChile, the trade promotion agency of Chile’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, is excited to announce the arrival of four brilliant deep tech companies from Chile as part of its trade mission to the UK for London Tech Week.

These four companies are poised to highlight Chile's vibrant tech ecosystem and its contributions to global innovation.

"Bringing the delegation of 16 innovative companies to London Tech Week underscores Chile's commitment to fostering technological advancements and global collaborations," said Jorge Loyola Castro, Trade Manager, ProChile. "We are particularly proud of these four deep tech companies, whose cutting-edge solutions we believe have the potential to revolutionise their respective industries."

The four featured companies


At the forefront of AI-driven business operations, 42x creates sophisticated digital coworkers to streamline end-to-end processes. Their AI-first approach aims to revolutionise the digital labour landscape, enhancing human productivity and creativity while ensuring seamless integration and rapid impact for businesses. 42x can be used to help engage inactive users on platforms allowing companies to tap into a market they previously haven’t been able to engage with.


Specialising in predictive psychology and machine learning, INNZPIRA has developed unique profiling systems that enhance marketing, compliance, sales, and customer experience. INNZPIRA’s technology can be used across multiple different industries including Fintech and Education. With over 12 years of experience and a presence in 14 countries, INNZPIRA is a pioneer in innovative profiling solutions that drive significant business results.


MedibleGo empowers visionary entrepreneurs and change-makers by providing robust support to turn ideas into reality. MedibleGo currently has over one million users across 13 different countries and with a mission to create a better tomorrow, MedibleGo offers tools and platforms to help innovators launch and grow their businesses, focusing on impactful change and sustainable growth. MedibleGo has recently been accepted onto Barclays Rise mentorship programme.


Reite transforms traditional retail with autonomous mini-stores using advanced AI and camera technology. By eliminating queues and offering seamless shopping experiences, Reite's innovative solutions enhance customer convenience and boost retail efficiency. Their model has already seen significant traction with over 100 installations in various facilities.

These companies exemplify the innovative spirit and technological prowess that Chile brings to the global stage. London Tech Week attendees will have the opportunity to engage with these trailblazers, exploring collaborations and partnerships that can drive forward technological advancements across industries.