Celebrating International Women’s Day and tackling inequality at Discovery Park

Discovery Park in Kent, a hub for the life sciences sector, is celebrating International Women’s Day by championing women in business and addressing gender disparities in healthcare.

Despite the growth of female-led startups, the journey to secure funding remains arduous, compounded by a scarcity of women investors. This issue is particularly pronounced in the femtech sector, where, despite over 70% of femtech companies being founded by women, male founders often secure more funding.

In 2022/2023, less than a quarter of female-led companies in the UK managed to secure external capital. Highlighting the successes of women and fostering a supportive community are crucial steps toward levelling the playing field. To facilitate this, Discovery Park is organising a series of talks and panel discussions on International Women’s Day, Friday 8th March. The event aims to celebrate achievements, foster connections, and explore solutions to persisting barriers, and is open to all who are interested in contributing to meaningful change.

Jane Kennedy, Chief Business Officer at Discovery Park, will inaugurate the event, which will feature keynotes from Laura Bloomfield, Global Head of TELUS International, discussing ‘Leading the way: A CEO’s Inspirational Journey’, and Vineeta Tripathi, Founder of Vitarka Therapeutics, on her ‘Inspiring Journey of Female Founder’. Additionally, there will be a panel on Leadership, Diversity, and Business Insights, and a fireside chat on Entrepreneurship Challenges & Opportunities with Julie Richards, Head of Assay Development at Psyros.

The event will also introduce the Discovery Park Inspirational Women Awards, honouring remarkable women as nominated by the community. Attendees can register and view the full agenda at: https://discovery-park.co.uk/internationalwomensday/.

The gender health gap presents another critical issue, impeding women’s access to adequate healthcare due to insufficient knowledge of women’s physiology and a lack of data from clinical trials. The UK notably has the largest gender health gap within the G20, a disparity that demands a unified effort to bridge.

Women, constituting 51% of the population, are a vital force in driving societal progress. In line with this belief, Discovery Park is collaborating with NHS Kent and Medway, Kent and Medway Medical School, and Health Innovation Kent, Surrey, and Sussex to organise the Kent & Medway Women’s Health Innovation Summit on 6th March. This summit aims to unite a diverse group of stakeholders to spearhead advancements in women’s health through innovation and systemic reform. The event will take place at the Pears Building at the Kent and Medway Medical School from 12pm to 4:30pm, with further details available at: https://discovery-park.co.uk/femtech-forward-pioneering-womens-health-and-future-possibilities/.

Discovery Park remains dedicated to empowering women in the business realm and supporting innovations that enhance women’s health outcomes.