Carbon Equity launches its €75M Climate Tech Portfolio Fund II to accelerate investments in climate technologies

Carbon Equity, the global climate venture capital and private equity investment platform, announced the launch of its latest offering, Climate Tech Portfolio Fund II.

Its Fund II will provide more investors with the opportunity to build a diversified portfolio of climate tech startups and scaleups while investing alongside the best climate funds.

Climate technology has cemented itself as a major macroeconomic topic and growth driver for the coming years. In 2022, climate tech experienced an 89% year-over-year increase in venture capital, totalling more than $70 billion, according to HolonIQ. New policy initiatives, such as the US Inflation Reduction Act, are fuelling continued optimism that climate tech will continue to outperform other private equity investments.

According to Jacqueline van den Ende, Co-founder and CEO of Carbon Equity: "In the decade ahead, demand for carbon-free alternatives from consumers, companies and governments will drive a major wave of innovation across all sectors. Investing in a Carbon Equity fund offers the opportunity to put your capital to work with significant climate impact and attractive financial returns." 

Previously, private investors had limited access to venture capital and private equity funds due to steep investment thresholds. Carbon Equity bridges the gap for private investors by lowering the minimum ticket sizes and simplifying the complex private equity and venture capital space. 

Carbon Equity leverages 40+ years of investing experience and a deep understanding of the climate investment landscape to identify and select the funds best designed to deliver a positive impact on the planet and strong financial returns.

For investors, this means you get to invest through world-class funds such as Energy Impact Partners, Lightrock, 2150 or Astanor Ventures and power incredible companies such as Form Energy (producing grid-scale batteries), Biomason (decarbonising cement with biotechnology), Sunfire (industrial electrolysers for hydrogen and e-fuel production) or Current Foods (making fresh seafood made from plants). 

“By empowering millions of investors with access to unparalleled climate investing opportunities, Carbon Equity aims to mobilise billions in private capital toward much needed climate solutions.” said van den Ende.

Since its inception in mid-2021, Carbon Equity has invested well over €90 million across its various climate funds. The Climate Tech Portfolio Fund I successfully closed in December 2022, exceeding its target size by raising €42m, 60% above its original €25m goal. Building on the success of Fund I, Climate Tech Portfolio Fund II aims to raise €75m and provide investors with an even greater opportunity to support decarbonization efforts.

Fund II will enable investors to: 

  • Gain exposure to a portfolio of 150+ climate tech companies across all climate sectors: energy production, industry, food & land use, transport, buildings and the carbon economy. 
  • Invest alongside 7-10 world-class climate funds in North America and Europe, including early-stage venture capital and later-stage growth and buyout funds. 
  • Track portfolio companies in real-time through its app.

The Climate Tech Portfolio Fund II is open to investors as of today and will continue fundraising through 2023 or until it is fully subscribed.

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Startup Details


Carbon Equity

Carbon Equity is a climate investing platform for alternative investments.

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