Business websites deemed critical by small firms, yet 1 in 5 don’t have one

A recent study by Forbes Advisor, the financial guidance and price comparison platform, asked UK SME leaders for their attitudes towards the importance of a website to the success of their business.

The study found:

  • Four-fifths (84%) of UK SME owners with a website claim their it plays a big role in their business
  • However, one in five (22%) SME leaders in the UK say they haven’t got a website at all
  • Of those without a website, over two-thirds (69%) agreed that  they need an internet presence
  • One in five (22%) of those without a site are undecided on whether they need one
  • Of those with a site, over half (52%) have an inhouse team to manage it, or do it themselves
  • Under a third (29%) use a consultant or an outside team to manage it for them, and just under one in five (18%) use a dedicated website builder service.

Kevin Pratt, business expert at Forbes Advisor, commented: “Some might find it startling to learn that a fifth of SMEs do not have a website, especially given the importance of online marketing, business processing and customer relationship management.

“Some firms without a website may be deterred by concerns about the cost of setting one up and the technical and personnel demands of managing their internet presence. But there is a growing number of bespoke website builder services that can make it relatively easy and cost effective to create and maintain a site while leaving the technical aspects to a third party. 

“Hopefully, business leaders will see the opportunity to make greater headway online and get their name out there.”