Business Companion: a reliable voice in the misinformation age

Business Companion offers a comprehensive and reliable source of guidance, applicable to any sector, entirely free of charge.

In today's digital age, fake news and dubious claims can have severe impacts on businesses. Online misinformation globally costs the economy approximately $78 billion annually. Research from 2022 highlights that poor or deceptive advice costs small UK companies an average of £9,225 each. In times where financial prudence is key, this is an expense that could otherwise contribute to business growth, potentially making the difference between success and failure.

Businesses also navigate a landscape marked by rapid consumer behaviour changes, evolving international trade dynamics, and the new reality of operating sustainably in the era of Net Zero and climate change. In such a dynamic and disruptive environment, there's a critical need for reliable, current, and accurate guidance to help businesses avoid expensive errors, comply with legal requirements, and prosper in their respective sectors.

Business Companion, a free online resource, meets this need effectively. Crafted by consumer protection law specialists and supported by the Department for Business and the Chartered Trading Standards Institute (CTSI), it offers regularly updated content to reflect legislative changes and expands to encompass a broader range of business types.

In the last year, as part of its Business in Focus series, Business Companion has released advice on diverse topics including Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), Consumer Vulnerability, Delivery Charges, Net Zero strategies, Domestic Energy Saving, Holiday Parks, Online Selling, and Handling Hazardous Materials. Additional guidance covers Renewable Energy and Starting an Online Business.

Presented in clear, straightforward English, Business Companion caters to busy professionals seeking quick, accessible information. It provides facts on contracts, marketing claims, complaint handling, and best practices, among other topics.

The guidance comes in various formats - web pages, downloadable PDFs, video explainers, checklists, and links for further reading. Quick guides offer essential legal insights, while in-depth guides delve into topics with case studies and detailed explanations of how legislation applies in particular scenarios.

To avoid the pitfalls of misinformation and its potential harm, visit Business Companion for invaluable assistance in enhancing your business practices.