BUD celebrates 10 years in London, tackling inequity in business

Georgina Wilson, a change agent with a purpose to equip, enable, and empower people for positive change, celebrates a decade of transformative impact with BUD Leaders, alongside the launch of Challengex2 2030 at the NatWest Conference Centre, London, Friday, 23 Feb 2024.

Georgina Wilson, the visionary behind BUD Leaders, is a Black female entrepreneur on a mission to support businesses to redress the shocking power imbalance for Black and Global Majority women in business. Her new campaign, Challengex2 is focused on doubling the revenue of 2030 Global Majority businesswomen by 2030. As a change agent she is committed to equipping, enabling, and empowering individuals for positive change.

BUD Leaders is seeking to rectify the power imbalance evident in leadership across organisations in the UK. BUD Leaders emerged from Georgina's experience running a community cafe in Tulse Hill, South London. Recognising untapped potential within the community, she started engaging with individuals, helping them identify their next steps. This evolved into the creation of BUD Leaders, driven by a deep-seated resolve and belief in unleashing greatness within people. From this experience, BUD Leaders was born.

As part of the launch on Fri, 23 Feb 2024 celebrating 10 Years and launching Challengex2 2030, BUD Leaders marks a decade of impactful work, they are unveiling Challengex2 2030 – an ambitious initiative aiming to double the revenue of 2030 Global Majority women in business.

Georgina Wilson emphasises the importance of building partnerships with organisations dedicated to positive change, fostering collaborations between Black-led enterprises and larger organisations keen on making a difference.

Wilson states: “Shockingly, less than 1% of corporate spending currently goes to Global Majority led businesses and only 5% of Black women-owned businesses secure contracts with large businesses. This needs to change, I’m going to be part of that change!”

The ambitious and some may say, audacious goal of BUD Leaders invites all stakeholders to engage in their 10-year celebration and Challenge X2 – 2030 initiative. Through a layered release strategy, they aim to increase awareness, build brand trust, and drive traffic towards their call to action. Georgina Wilson invites those who want to lead positive change to get in touch, reinforcing her commitment to unleashing greatness.

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Startup Details


BUD Leaders

A premier social enterprise dedicated to providing support to those leading positive change, offering a variety of unconventional, transformational leadership programmes. 

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