BRIDGE and Worldline share expert payment insight in webinar

Join BRIDGE CEO, Brian Coburn, and Magnus Danielson, CTO of Worldline on the 28th October at 11am as they share critical insight in maximising e-commerce payment systems to enable businesses to take advantage of transformational, innovative digital payment solutions.

Embracing the shift of e-commerce into a primary retail channel for even the most traditional business, and its go-to popularity across more diverse consumer audiences, the webinar will equip businesses to compete and differentiate in a crowded digital marketplace.

Brian and Magnus will present the key challenges facing e-commerce enterprises today, with specific focus on how innovation and agility in payments can help maximise revenue and customer engagement.

To join the webinar on the 28th October at 11am, please register here.      

Brian Coburn, BRIDGE CEO, commented: “Payments play a fundamental role in enriching the customer experience and enhancing competitiveness, yet it’s lagged in innovation and development. Working shoulder to shoulder with Worldline opens up the opportunity to liberate e-commerce retailers and bring agility to their payment systems.”

Startup Details

Startup Details



BR-DGE provides a payment orchestration service for eCommerce enterprises that want to exploit the potential of existing and new digital payment services and put payment under merchant control.

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    Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
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    Brian Coburn
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